Stomach Sleeping

"In my opinion the Align-Right pillow does its best work for back sleepers as it then can offer the best support and some corrective pressure to a cervical curve. It is quite adaptable to side lying as when it is properly sized it can support the head and neck in a neutral and aligned position. While not recommending stomach lying, the pillow is quite adaptable for those who cannot seem to sleep in any other position. Stomach sleeper can greatly reduce the stresses on both their cervical and lumbar spines by drawing up on of their legs which produces a side-front position. The pillow being much less bulky than a traditional pillow can then be hugged and positioned to stabilize the partially side-lying position and support the head in a much less rotated position than would be necessary in purely prone (flat on stomach) position. All and all the design makes the Align-Right pillow a very supportive pillow in almost any position."

Dr. Roger C. Hollingsworth, D.C., Kitchener