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Consumers found a sized sleeping pillow solved their sleep problem

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A sized head support is the answer to deep sleep; Proven over 25 years

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Science has proven "Poor Sleep = Poor Health

The only common factor in poor sleep is the bed pillow.

Bed pillows were never designed for sleep.

The solution to modern sleep problems was found to be

the shape and size you need for the perfect sleep

Found by chance over 25 years ago, a unique sized roll design,

solved a serious neck related sleep problem.

Many consumers and professionals have found personal

help with their sleep problem.

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No more fighting with your pillow to get comfortable.

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Comfortable head support in sizes to fit and support you during sleep

Over 25 years, we took the time to test our sizes

- Found a way to measure everyone’s “Sleep Triangle”

"The area that requires support each night for a great deep sleep"

- Put the measurements in charts for Side and Back sleepers.

- Select your size Sleeping Pillow from our charts.

- Science has proven that you must sleep right or

you develop health problems.

First Question is always ....What's It Filled With?

We found a way to use a soft, washable polyester fiberfill, to give comfortable support in all sleep positions on all mattresses

Comfortable head support is the first requirement for deep sleep.

Research found that each person needs a pillow sized for them.

Comfortable head support in your size is the answer to perfect sleep. 

Select your sized Sleeping Pillow from our 2 charts.

-  Select your prefered sleep position "Side or Back"

--  Cross reference your height to your body structure

Charts are 90% accurate because we can not take your mattress into the equation

Because your sized Sleeping Pillow is very important to you;

We offer a 60 Day return.

Clinical Studies

This testing gave Align-Right Sleeping pillows the right to be called a true Therapeutic Cervical Pillow

and may be covered by some insurance plans with doctor’s prescription.

Clinical Testing at Toronto Chiropractic College on pain reduction

93% had significant Pain Reduction and

75% reduced Pain Medication

As an Osteopathic Practitioner, I would highly suggest the purchase of an Align- Right pillow!  I first tried the Align-Right pillow about a year a half ago, it has helped with the stiffness in my neck, tension headaches, and post-nasal drip during sleep.  I wake up with less aches in my neck and back.  I've tried many other pillows; memory foam, down-filled, water-filled, bamboo, and this is the first pillow I have used, that has stood the test of time and comfort during my sleep.  The pillow is made of a unique material that is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and doesn't lose its' fullness over time.  I am proud to say that Align-Right is a Canadian-born company that puts customer satisfaction and service as their top priorities.  Anyone who has tried other pillows and not been fully satisfied, I would recommend you give Align-Right a try!  

Baljeet Soor, Dr. Good Health, Bolton, Ontario

Just thought I'd let you know, how wonderful your pillows is. In fact, I can't sleep without. I take it with me everywhere I go. To my cottage, on vacation. I don't know what I would do without my Align-Right pillow.
Thanks! Wolf

My husband kindly let me try his pillow. I just love it. I had a great nights sleep with no aches and pain. When I woke up the first thing I said was get me one of those pillows.
Thanks again! Rosemany  

Wolf and Rosemany U., Windsor, ON

"We have been recommending the A-R pillows for more than 10 years. Speaking personally, it is the only pillow that I can get a good night's sleep with and eliminates my tossing and turning. Speaking for my patients, their discovery of the A-R pillow and it's benefits is like a child discovering a bicycle for the first time, they receive the freedom of a good nights' sleep and a pain free neck sometimes for the first time ever. I highly recommend the A-R pillow to anyone who wants to support the proper cervical curve while they sleep." (Dr. Mark)

Dr. Mark Del Cantero Ancaster, ON
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