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Custom Fitted Pillow

The Align Right Pillow Is Fitted To Your Sleep Style

Custom Fitted Pillow

The Align Right Pillow Is Fitted To Your Sleep Style

You buy jeans and shoes in your size.  Now you can buy a Custom fitted pillow in your size.  Unique sizing to your predominant sleep style and body structure to help you get the quality sleep you crave.

Relax neck and shoulder muscle

Relieve tension and pressure around the neck

Reduce stress on the spine

No more fighting with your pillow to get comfortable.

Find Your Perfect Fit


The shape conforms to your head shape.  No more punching or scrunching your ‘whole’ pillow to find comfort.   Align-Right Pillow moves easily into a natural position to comfortably fit and support your neck curve and shoulders, encompassing the weight of your head.  The pillow readily adapts to changing positions as you sleep.

What's It Filled With?

I'll give up packing clothes to take the Align-Right Pillow. I took it all over Britain!

Carolyn F.

The best dollar investment I have ever made. I have tried many types of pillows, this bar one is the best.

Harry M.

We have been recommending the A-R pillows for more than 10 years. It is the only pillow that I can get a good night's sleep with.

Dr. Mark Del Cantero

Meet The Founders

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This testing gave Align-Right Sleeping pillows the right to be called a true Therapeutic Cervical Pillow and may be covered by some insurance plans with doctor’s prescription.

Clinical Testing at Toronto Chiropractic College on pain reduction

93% had significant Pain Reduction and

75% reduced Pain Medication