We Fit the Head, Not the Bed

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Drug Free Pain Relief


Pain Reduction


Reduction in Pain Medication

The Align-Right Difference

Promotes Proper Alignment

Unlike traditional pillows, the Align-Right Sleeping
Pillow is designed to promote proper spinal
alignment by supporting the natural curve of
your neck, which prevents unnecessary stress on
the vertebrae.

Specialized Filling

Carefully crafted with a durable and resilient polyester filling that is hand-weighed and rolled. Align-Right pillows use a special single-hollow fiber that helps trap air to keep loft.

Custom Fit

We don’t have just 1 size, we have 5! For an optimal experience, Align-Right offers different sized pillows to ensure comfort. We recommend visiting your nearest Authorized Align-Right Fitter to help find the size that’s just right for you.

Adapts With You

Back Sleeper

Side Sleeper

Body Positioner

What's Inside?

  • Durable, resilient polyester filling
  • Fiber specifically made for Align-Right pillows
  • Soft single hollow fiber traps air for loft
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Hand weighed and rolled
  • Machine wash and dry
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Resource Centre

Sizing Instructions

Discover the different ways to get properly fitted to ensure the correct size.

Washing Instructions

Learn in this quick video how easy it is to wash an Align-Right pillow.

Determine Your Size

If seeing an authorized fitter is not possible, we offer a sizing chart that provides a recommendation based on height and body structure.

Clinical Success

Align-Right has been clinically proven to reduce neck pain. Read the study below on the effectiveness of a cervical pillow.

Additional Benefits

Align-Right helps reduce neck pain but it can also be used to relieve other symptoms like fibromyalgia and hip pain.


“I now sleep better - more soundly and longer and have less neck stiffness in the morning.”

- Paul K.

“It is extremely comfortable and raises my head and neck which eases the pain and morning stiffness.”

- Athena B.

“I stand by this product 100%! It is now the only pillow I sleep on.”

- Anita C.

“I sleep and feel better in the morning to start my day.”

- Maria B.