30 years assisting people with their sleep problems.

Symptoms Customers Reported Relief From

Relax, relieves neck & shoulder muscles and tension.

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"We Fit the Head not Bed!”

Custom sized to you - Drug Free Pain Relief

Choosing the correct pillow size will align your spine and create the perfect curve for your neck.

Choose your size on how you prefer to sleep. If you sleep both side and back choose 'Side'.

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What's Inside?

Durable, resilient polyester filling.

Manufactured specifically for Align-Right Pillow Co.

Soft yet supportive fiber

Single hollow fiber traps air for loft

Spiral crimped for support

Machine wash and dry



Hand Weighed and Rolled

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Deep sleep is necessary for your health. Your body heals during deep sleep.

Trusted by Professionals

Baljeet Soor, M.O.MSc. OOA Certified Bolton, ON

"It has helped with the stiffness in my neck, tension headaches, and post-nasal drip during sleep.
I would recommend you give Align-Right a try!"

Dr. Don Leck, North York/Toronto, ON

"Patients are pleased with the comfort and support both in the side and back postures.

It doesn’t look like a 'pillow' it gets the job done, effectively."

Dr. Mark Del Cantero, D,C, Ancaster, ON

We have been recommending the Align-Right pillow for more than 10 years. Speaking personally, it is the only pillow that I can get a good night’s sleep with and eliminates my tossing and turning. Speaking for my patients, their discovery of the A-R pillow and it’s benefits is like a child discovering a bicycle for the first time, they receive the freedom of a good nights’ sleep and a pain free neck sometimes for the first time ever. I highly recommend the A-R pillow to anyone who wants to support the proper cervical curve while they sleep.

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Sleeping Better

Just a great pillow. I slept like a baby again last night. The house could have crumbled and I wouldn't have had a clue!! Scary, sometimes! :) Have a good day.

Renee, Wilder Mobility, Waterloo, ON

Love my Align-Right Pillow! I used to wake up in the middle of the night all the time with a sore ear from sleeping on my side. This never happens anymore! The pillow tucks into my neck perfectly and is very comfortable. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to any side sleepers. I won’t leave home without it!

Sharon M, Wellington, Ontario

Since I have been using the Align-Right sleeping pillow I am able to rest more comfortable. I also feel that my spine is more in line. If I happen to sleep on a different pillow, I feel inadequately supported and often wake with a stiff neck. I recommend this pillow to everyone.

Cheryl P.

For years I suffered from bouts of insomnia, followed by a night of sleeping 12-14 hours. When I woke, I was miserable, stiff and sore. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all! NOW, I feel FANTASTIC!! I have a good, solid, comfortable night’s sleep! I now sleep 5-6 hours every night, wake without an alarm and feel well rested and less tense. My husband claims he gets more sleep because I don’t snore when I use Align-Right Pillow. As a result of my success, eight family members are now set! We’ve all found that snoring is reduced, reduced/eliminated tossing & turning, less sleep is needed, wake up feeling refreshed, fewer trips to the chiropractor…and my hair looks the same in the morning as it did the night before. Thanks!

Susan E. C., Kitchener

Customers Reported Relief From ...

Neck Pain

Since I started using the Align-Right sleeping pillow I have experienced a tremendous reduction in neck pain/strain from a motor vehicle accident. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested and without stiffness. My lower back no longer aches in the morning and I rarely have headaches anymore. I take it with me when I travel and the whole family wants one now too!

Joni Y., Stratford

I just felt I needed to let you know how much I am enjoying your pillow and the ‘pain-free’ days I am now experiencing. You would not imagine how much relief I am getting, day after day from this pillow, after so many years of daily pain, approx. 50+ years in all. I can now look forward to ‘pain-free’ days and nights, something I never would have know without this pillow. At the days end I have this pillow to give me the much needed and ultimate rest, relaxation and comfort that provides me the goodnights sleep. Thank goodness for the little miracles it provides for those like me. Thank you again.

Heather, Calgary, AB

I can’t believe how wonderful my Align-Right pillow is. If you knew how much money I have spent on pillows, you would b amazed. I have tried the ‘memory pillow’ the ‘buckwheat pillow’, the ‘feather pillow’, the ‘water pillow’ etc. They left me with migraine headaches or chronic neck pain, etc. This thing really works, Judy. You have saved me hundreds of dollars spent on chiropractors and massage therapists. All this time I thought it was stress on the job. I just had a bad pillow!! Many, many thanks to you. I’m ready to be a spokesperson on the Home Shopping Network. Every kink and pain in my neck and shoulders is completely gone. Wow! Get more out there. People need to know. Thanks again.

Lauri S, Randolph, Vermont

I have never written a review for any product I have purchased, but I just HAVE to write something for this pillow. I have had ongoing treatments with my Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, and Physiotherapist on my neck and shoulders and none of the treatments benefited more than a few days. They asked about my everyday life, and even what pillow I used. I told them I had tried a few different kinds of pillows, and that they were all 'good--expensive'. Then after an x-ray I found out my neck /shoulder issues were not going to get better, there was a reason for my pain. I would often take at least 2 pain killers a week for the pain in my neck and go to bed with a heating pad every night. My Massage Therapist had an Align Right pillow in her office as well as information on it. Once I realized treatment won't be making a lasting difference, only subsiding pain for a brief time, I thought again about what other avenues I should be exploring--ie. a new pillow. I talked with my Massage Therapist and Osteopath, who I found out both use the pillow, and they both highly recommended I try it. They warned it might take a bit to get used to it and the pain might even get worse for a few days, but hold out, it will get better. Sure enough, that's what happened, the pain got worse after using the pillow, BUT thanks to those instructions I kept with it and on about the 3rd day it was amazing, my pain subsided greatly. And since then, I hardly use the heating pad on my neck, and I don't rely on painkillers any more. I've had the pillow for 6 months now, and it's amazing the difference in my neck/shoulder pain. I can't thank you enough for this pillow and the relief it has given me in my everyday life.

Judy Ba, Elmira

Since I started using the Align-Right pillow I have experienced a tremendous reduction in neck pain. I sleep and feel better in the morning to start my day. I had to adjust the stuffing of the pillow to get the right fit for my neck. My best advice to a new user is to be patient and adjust the stuffing to fit your needs. Trust me I have bought and used over $500 work of pillows. I love that is pillow is washable and adjustable..

Maria B., Puerto Rico, USA


Hi everybody. I have been so impressed lately with the quality of my husband’s sleep I have to share. I love my Align-Right pillow, but I love my husband’s pillow more! For years I have been woken up by snoring. Just a fact of life/ No. Now, if I wake up to snoring, I know it’s only because his Align-Right pillow has slipped out of place (or the cat has claimed it and nudged my husband off!).Replace the pillow under his neck instantly stops his snoring and I can only assume his sleep apnea (something we never had fully diagnosed, but I can only assume he had). We’re both better rested every day then we used to be. And, I won’t go anywhere without our pillows anymore. Thank you for a brilliant, reliable and durable product!

Lisa R.

I highly recommend the Align-Right pillow, especially to those who SNOR! My husband bought one and the first night he used it…I slept like a baby! I’m buying one for myself as well.

Maria & Andrew P

I purchased my pillow in Toronto. My wife was amazing that for the first time for a long as she could remember I didn’t snore. You have to realize though, I don’t just snore, she said it has been a nuisance for the last few years because it always wakes her up. It is just that loud. Thanks for thinking of and developing such an simple yet practical product. All the best. I almost forgot no neck pain.

Rocky K


I have a condition known as Fibromyalgia. My left arm was going numb while sleeping and 95% of the time I awoke with a headache, sore neck and shoulder. This pillow has reduced the numbing and my neck feels pain-free in the morning. The headaches are almost non-existent. I feel wonderful! Thanks, Align-Right.

Cathy H., Waterloo, ON

I have a condition called chronic pain in my back and fibromyalgia. Being in pain for the past 8-1/2 years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year I want to thank Judy for introducing me to a new friend the Align-Right pillow. It has helped me tremendously in my everyday life and especially with my sleep. I can honestly say that I am a new person. Judy, thanks a million.

Anka H, Ontario


For years I’ve suffered from pain in my back, shoulders, neck, and head. Recently I began waking two or three times a week with headaches, for which there seemed to be no cure. I couldn’t imagine going through the rest of my life that way. I bought an Align-Right pillow and after using it for a few days, my headaches seem to be a thing of the past, and, most wonderfully, my back, neck, and shoulders are improved, too. Again, many thanks!

Sheila W, Ontario

I have had the Align-Right Sleeping pillow for 3 years. Before using this product, I suffered from chronic headaches, particularly when I woke up in the morning. I tried everything to remedy the situation including taking lots of Advil. I bout my first pillow and have never looked back. The pain has gone. If I begin to experience any during the night, I adjust the pillow and wake up refreshed the next day. My pillow has travelled with me as far as Hawaii. I now own two, just in case, I should ever leave one in some exotic country in my future travels.

Nancy H, Toronto

When someone can’t find comfort when you’re sleeping or just trying to relax on your chesterfield you will almost do anything to find some comfort. That’s what happened to me. I could not lay on my back in bed, or lay my head back to relax on my couch without getting a headache that would start at the back of my neck and right to the front of my head. This pillow was the best investment I made. As long as this pillow goes with me wherever I go, I don’t get bad headaches anymore and can relax in comfort. They are well worth the investment to get comfort and relaxation ‘Believe Me”.

Millard H., Tillsonburg

I have had an Align-Right Pillow for over three years and cannot sleep on anything else. I suffered from migraine headaches and had a chronic neck pain for over two years. As soon as I started using the Align-Right pillow my neck pain disappeared and has not come back. I was able to get some relief when I had a migraine as I could position the pillow in such a way as to take pressure away from my temples where the pain was most severe. I had tried SIX other “therapeutic” pillows and could not use any of them. I seldom get a good night’s sleep before I started using your great pillow. The Align-Right Pillow is the best product of its kind and I am very grateful to its creator.

Diane M, Tillsonburg

Back Pain

Your Align-Right therapeutic pillows have been a godsend for me! I use them to sleep comfortably; drive without discomfort and to ease the chronic pain of Sciatica wherever I go. I truly “Don’t leave home without them.


What a boon to my low back which has cost me $1,000’s of dollars for treatments.

Cliff S., Ontario

Can’t say enough about this pillow. I use it to keep my knee in the proper position when I had an operation, but I missed it when I slept as it helped my low back also. I need another one!

Steve F, Michigan

Arm & Hand Numbness

Let me take this opportunity to add that your pillow is great! I don’t walk up as often through the night. My hands have stopped going numb through the night as well. Thankyou.

Rob B, Brampton

I have always had headaches and neck pain; my major problem was arms falling asleep. I also tossed and turned a lot. My life is better with using the Align-Right pillow – I swear by it. My headaches and neck pain have subsided and my arms do not fall asleep. I toss and turn earlier. Thank you.

Wally R

Shoulder Pain

I would like to let you know that I am truly pleased with your pillow. It has helped me to eliminate the constant pain in my shoulders and it provides me with a restful sleep. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be without pain. As you know, I have already purchased pillows for my entire family and friends. I know one thing for sure, wherever I go, my pillow will go. Thank you!

Erika P, Markham

I have had a total joint replacement of both shoulders, after using the Align-Right pillow, my discomfort has decreased dramatically. The Align-Right pillow should be used in all hospitals before and after orthopedic surgery for shoulder problems and replacements. Everyone could benefit from the use of this pillow.

Pat F, R.N. Guelph

I bought my Align-Right Pillow and I wouldn’t be without it! My right shoulder has tendonitis, when I use the Align-Right Pillow there is not so much pressure on my shoulder.

Theresa D., Waterloo

Sleep Apnea

Disclaimer: The Align-Right Pillow Company, Ltd. does not recommend NOT using the CPAP machine. The Align-Right Pillow works in conjunction with the CPAP machine.

I have sleep apnea and therefore use a CPAP machine. I find that your pillow eliminates the problem of my mask being moved and therefore not making proper contact with my nose. The pillow keeps my headgear off the pillow or bed whether I am sleeping on my back or side. I take my CPAP machine and your pillow with me where-ever I travel.

Victor E. ON

My husband has a condition called “Sleep Apnea”, where he actually stops breathing several times a night. He tried the machine but it kept him and me awake. I purchased your pillow out of desperation. It was wonderful, he stopped snoring, did not wake with a stiff neck and felt much better. He won’t go without his pillow.

June T

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