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30 years assisting people with their sleep problems.

Symptoms Customers Reported Relief From

Pain in the neck?

The size of your pillow could be the cause.

Choosing the correct pillow size will align your spine and create the perfect curve for your neck.

Choose your size on how you prefer to sleep. If you sleep both side and back choose 'Side'.

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What's Inside?

Durable, resilient polyester filling.

Manufactured specifically for Align-Right Pillow Co.

Soft yet supportive fiber

Single hollow fiber traps air for loft

Spiral crimped for support

Machine wash and dry



Hand Weighed and Rolled

Customers Reported Relief From ...

• Neck Pain

• Snoring

• Computer Neck Strain

• Fibromyalgia

• Sleep Problems

• Text Neck

• Headaches/Migraines

• Back Pain

• Arm & Hand Numbness


Customer Testimonial

3 Step Good Night's Sleep Plan

Choose Your Pillow Size

Use the sizing guide to find perfect size for your neck and sleep style.

60 Night Trials

Try the Align Right™ pillow for 60 nights risk free guarantee.

Sleep All Night Long

Deep sleep is necessary for your health. Your body heals during deep sleep.

Trusted by Professionals

Dr. Baljeet Soor, Bolton, ON

"It has helped with the stiffness in my neck, tension headaches, and post-nasal drip during sleep.
I would recommend you give Align-Right a try!"

Dr. Don Leck, North York/Toronto, ON

"Patients are pleased with the comfort and support both in the side and back postures.

It doesn’t look like a 'pillow' it gets the job done, effectively."

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and you'll never Sleep on any other pillow

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