Over the past 30+ years, we've been committed to finding the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic excellence so that you can live a healthier life.

Our Story

Invented in 1992 by Jim and Judy Blondin, Align-Right was inspired by Judy's experience working in a chiropractic office where she often saw patients walk in with chronic neck pain. Instead of trying to find a solution within the parameters of a traditional pillow, Jim and Judy thought outside the box and focused on creating a pillow with a cylindrical shape that supported a natural neck curve.


Jim and Judy Blondin invent the innovative Align-Right Pillow

Inspired to help others who suffer from headaches and verterbrae injuries.


Clinical Study Success

After success of selling Align-Right at Saturday markets, Jim and Judy submit their pillow for study at CMCC in Toronto. This important study provides clinical proof that Align-Right is an effective therapeutic pillow for neck pain.


Judy Blondin Wins Most Promising Inventor Award

From the prestigious Inventors' Alliance of Canada, this award helps garner the attention of a variety of media outlets. This includes getting the Align-Right brand on shopping channels in Canada, England and Germany.


Align-Right Gains Strong Customer Loyalty

Positive word of mouth from consumers leads to rapid growth for Align-Right. Jim and Judy grow the business as they hire employees and invest in new products like the Align-Right Travel Roll.


Align-Right partners with established Canadian healthcare distributor KEGO

KEGO continues to work with Jim and Judy to ensure the Align-Right brand continues to meet the high standard it has established over the past 30 years.