Neck Pain

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“As an Osteopathic Practitioner, I would highly suggest the purchase of an Align-Right pillow! I first tried the Align-Right pillow about a year a half ago, it has helped with the stiffness in my neck, tension headaches, and post-nasal drip during sleep. I wake up with less aches in my neck and back. I've tried many other pillows; memory foam, down-filled, water-filled, bamboo, and this is the first pillow I have used, that has stood the test of time and comfort during my sleep. The pillow is made of a unique material that is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and doesn't lose its' fullness over time. I am proud to say that Align-Right is a Canadian-born company that puts customer satisfaction and service as their top priorities. Anyone who has tried other pillows and not been fully satisfied, I would recommend you give Align-Right a try!"

Baljeet Soor, Dr Good Health, Bolton, Ontario

“I highly recommend this pillow. Having had a chronic neck condition for years I had great difficulty sleeping. This pillow has helped me immensely. I wouldn’t be with it!”

Linda T, Kitchener

“My neck is so much better. I have a good night’s sleep. Thank you!”

CM, Waterloo