The Align-Right cervical sleeping pillow will help to relieve neck pain and allow you to reap the benefits of deep sleep. You will wake in the morning refreshed and energized, ready for the day. You may also be amazed by the decrease in headaches and migraines that you will experiences. Learn More


"I have had the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow for 3 years. Before using this product, I suffered from chronic headaches, particularly when I woke up in the morning. I tried everything to remedy the situation, including taking lots of Advil. I bought my first pillow and have never looked back. The pain has gone. If I begin to experience any during the night I adjust the pillow and wake up refreshed the next day. My pillow has travelled with me as far as Hawaii. I now own two just in case I should ever leave one in some exotic country in my future travels."

Jean P.

"The Align-Right Pillow – comfortable – helped to alleviate morning headaches – beneficial to better sleep – non-allergenic material"

Michael C.

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