Back Pain

Sleeping with an Align-Right Sleeping Pillow gives proper support and spinal alignment Tossing and turning is reduced. Muscles can relax to give the spine pain relief Learn More


"I pulled a muscle during the day unloading stock. That evening I was so exhausted I fell into bed. Only a few hours later, I woke with excruciating back pain. I remembered I had just purchased my Align-Right Sleeping pillow, pushed my pillow aside and opened the Align-Right Pillow to give it a try; frankly, I didn’t think it would help, as the pain was so horrific. The morning arrived, I was amazed I was able to move freely and without pain! I would never have believed it. I was able to work all day pain-free!

Jean P.

“What a boon my low back which has cost me $1,000’s of dollars for treatments.“

Cliff S.

Lumbar Support

Wherever you are, at work, home or in your car, this form fitting lumbar support roll ensures your lumbar muscles, ligaments and tendons are in their comfort zone.