Arm and Hand Numbness

Temporary lack of blood flow to hand and arms will cause arm and hand numbness. Symptoms may be relieved by sleeping with the Align-Right Pillow; no hands under sized pillow.

Pressure upon the arm and hand nerves or vessels causing numbness, tingling or temporary paralysis of the arm may result from:

  • Sleeping with the hand under the head
  • Sitting with the arm hanging over the back of a chair
  • Wearing straps or carrying a bag or rucksack
  • Inflated cuff during measuring blood pressure
  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) or injury in the neck (Cervical) spine can result in a disc pressing upon the cervical spine.
  • Position/movement dependent pain, tingling or numbness in the neck, shoulders, upper back, arm, hand or fingers (when the roots of cervical spinal nerves are compressed) Diagnosis is made by a CT or MRI of the neck spine

Help with the Align-Right Pillow

When you sleep or rest on a custom-sized Align-Right Pillow. The shape supports your neck curve, gently stretching and relaxing the neck muscles, it feels good! When the neck muscles stretch and relax, vertebrae go into alignment, there is space between the vertebra, no nerves are compressed. (Compressed or ‘pinched nerves’ cut off blood supply, giving pain to pain-sensitive structures). The tension in the neck area is often overcome by stretching the neck using a cylindrical support that is the right custom-size for your neck curve. Your right size Align-Right pillow gives maximum support directly under the head while supporting the neck area.
Round fits your neck curve.


“I love my pillow before my arms would go numb”

Darlene P.,

“Let me take this opportunity to add that your pillow is great! I don’t wake up as often through the night. My hands have stopped going numb through the night as well. Thanks!"

Rob B.,

“The greatest pillow I’ve ever had. I take it with me everywhere! It has also stopped the “tingling” sensation in my arm that used to wake me up during the night!”

Colleen H.

“I have always had headaches and neck pain, my major problem was my arms falling asleep. I also tossed and turned a lot. My life is better by using the Align-Right pillow. I swear by it. My headaches and neck pain have subsided and my arms to not fall asleep. I toss and turn ‘easier’. Thank you."

Wally R.