Best Sleeping Pillow Provides Proper Support

Best Sleeping Pillow Provides Proper Support

In the 21st century, increasing numbers of people are experiencing issues with sleep, yet sleep is one of the most important of human needs. Research shows that people who are sleep-deprived often experience decreased attention spans, fuzzy thinking, lack of energy, and many other physical and social problems. Being deprived of sleep on a long-term basis can even lead to serious problems such as heart disease and diabetes. While many different factors may contribute to sleep difficulties, there are a few simple things that people can do to promote healthy sleep hygiene. For example, developing sleep rituals, having a hot bath 90 minutes before going to bed, and refraining from alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. Sleeping with the right kind of pillow can also significantly impact the quality of your sleep, and therefore, finding the best sleeping pillow can greatly improve the state of your overall health.

Relief from Sleeping Discomfort

If you experience neck pain, arm pain, backaches, or tingling in the limbs when you awake, it’s probable that you need a therapeutic cervical pillow. The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow is a compact cylindrical pillow that ensures that your head is supported and that your spine is properly aligned.  It is a therapeutic cervical pillow helping to deal with many conditions, such as migraine headaches, pregnancy discomfort, and fibromyalgia. A cylindrical pillow also helps to keep your airway open to help reduce snoring.


Why Choose Align-Right?

The Align-Right Pillow has four main distinguishing characteristics:
  • Size is something we don’t often consider. Regular pillows come in a single size or may be designated Standard, Queen, and King. The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow is a Therapeutic pillow, available in various sizes, depending on your height, body structure. It is small enough to transport easily.
  • Filling is specifically engineered Hollofil fibers for the Align-Right Pillow Company.  It is durable, resilient, hypoallergenic, and retains fluffiness. It can also be machine washed and dried.  This high quality, memory fiber is the gold standard for a therapeutic pillow.
  • Fillings vary greatly, from machined foam or water bags to blown or stuffed foam pieces.  Each Align-Right Pillow filling is meticulously weighed and hand-rolled for precise size-appropriate support.  The cover is made of 100%cotton and can be easily machine-washed and dried.
  • Shape is perhaps the most crucial element when you are facing sleep problems. Conventional pillows are rectangular or square. While these may be good for interior decorating, they don’t begin to address the issue of comfort or proper spinal alignment. The Align-Right cylindrical sleeping pillow was clinically tested on Pain Reduction at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Ontario with amazing results showing it was the best design shape to provide support and alignment because they fit with the natural curve of the neck. 
Each of these aspects can have an impact on health, so it’s important to contrast and compare when you are looking for the perfect pillow. If you are experiencing sleep issues, choosing an Align-Right therapeutic cervical pillow is a great idea. Remember to take care into account and opt for a pillow that can be machine washed and dried without losing support. Putting a pillow in the dryer helps to get rid of dust mites and other allergens, and ensures that the pillow will remain sanitary.
Sleep well tonight and every night on the best sleeping pillow, Align-Right Sleeping Pillow. A proven therapeutic pillow that may be covered on insurance plans.