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You have a pillow problem

By June 7, 2017Sleep

You have a pillow problem;

  • If you are tired when you wake.
  • Waking with a neck pain
  • You don’t feel rested
  • Fighting your pillow for support

Normal health problems can be related to the improper pillow.

The first perfect sleep was recorded when the Chinese Emperor demanded a solution to his sleep problem.

The answer was a hard block with a hole for the ear, shaped to fit and support his head while keeping the head in alignment with his body.  Everyone slept on hard surfaces.

The scholars understood that the brain controlled all body parts by communicating through the neck area.  (Chinese history)

Therefore, keeping the neck in alignment with the body was the solution.

Modern science has proven that the body receives healing to all organs during sleep.

A proper head support must support the head weight while keeping the head in alignment with the body during sleep.  (Modern people use soft mattresses.)

Just like the Emperor who needed a head support made for him, you need a head support made to fit you.

The modern head support must be sized to fit and support you in your specific way of sleeping on your specific bed.

Side Sleeping  Back Sleeping

We named our company for what our design of a pillow did for you.

The Align-Right Pillow does what it says; aligns your head with your body giving a deep restful sleep.

Check out our firsts in sleep research and pillow development;

  • First pillow ever tested on pain reduction.
  • First to develop sizes to fit and support all sleep positions.
  • First to measure the ‘Sleep Triangle” which must be filled for head support.
  • First to develop charts for side and back sleepers.
  • First pillow that can be traced to replace the Emperor’s hard pillow.

“Universal Sleep Support System.” 5 sizes to fit you.

5 Sizes Circles

Pick your size from our charts and get a great deep sleep.


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