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Why do we sleep

By June 20, 2017Sleep

Why do we sleep?


To put it simply “We die without sleep”!


This was discovered by a research doctor who kept animals from sleeping for 6 – 30 months.  His study was trying to make another point, “Lack of sleep won’t harm you”, so he phrased the result stating;

“Lack of sleep did not kill the animals; they all died of organ failure”!

His test proved; Lack of sleep kills!


Here are his words from Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet)

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominate disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30 months without sleep.  FFI is probably misnamed because death results from multiple organ failure rather than sleep deprivation.”


Can you believe it: If by withholding sleep, death resulted from organ failure, then sleep is necessary for the health of our organs without which we die!

The secret to sleep was found about 2,000 years ago.  The first Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep and the solution was the head support.   This first head support (we call pillows) was made of wood, shaped to his head with a hole for his ear.  This head support became known as the “Emperors Pillow”.  Only the well off Chinese could afford this pillow because it had to be made for each individual and had to be adjusted weekly or monthly as the body changed.  This hard pillow was used in all Asia countries for many generations and could be the reason why there are more Asians over 100 years old than any other countries.  Many still in use today.

Modern society could not sleep on this hard head support as we all sleep on soft mattresses for our body comfort.  This perfect head support proved the solution to sleep is in the custom fitting head support; pillow.

There are many modern pillows today but all fall short in design and function to solve the modern sleep problems.  To solve this problem, it took determination and many years of study to understand why a round roll designed head support could solve the sleep problem.  A round form fits the body structure, conforming to our head and neck area, while giving comfortable head support.

The first problem was making sizes for all body structures.  Developing 5 sizes forming a Sleep Support System.

Now the major problem; how to measure everyone for a sleeping pillow?   Many years and more studies we found “The Sleep Triangle”; the area that must be supported properly for a good deep sleep.   Developing a measuring device, testing it on thousands and finally putting the results into charts for side and back sleepers.

We now help thousands reach the deep sleep level where the body receives healing each night.   We need a good sleep nightly to stay healthy.


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