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Why do I need a sized Sleeping pillow?

By March 16, 2017Sleep

Why do I need a sized Sleeping pillow?

Your Sleeping Pillow is your most important part of your sleep and health.

Proved many centuries ago, the head support was the answer to perfect sleep.

Modern research has proven that the body receives healing during sleep.

Since the brain controls everything in our body, it must be kept in alignment with the body during sleep.

A modern pillow must keep the head supported while keeping the neck in alignment with the body.

Since all body structures are not the same, and everyone uses a mattress for sleeping, you need a pillow sized for your body structure and your mattress.

After many years, we found a way to measure people, put the method into charts for Side and Back sleepers.

Our pillows are round in diameter, because a round shape is the only form that conforms on both sides.

Being round, it now conforms to your sleep position and your mattress.

Our 5 sizes now fit and support all body structures, on all mattress types.

From a small person of 4 ft 6 in to a 6 ft 2 in height, with small body structure, to a same height person with a large to very large body structure.

You are unique, and require a pillow designed to fit you, your preferred sleep position, on your preferred mattress.

Check our Sizing Charts and get the size that fits you.

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