Align-Right pillows are a modernization of the Emperors perfect sleep device; made to adapt to the mattress invention which started causing poor sleep and problems associated with poor sleep.

Align-Right Sleeping pillows are custom fitted and designed for quality sleeping and to look good on your bed.

The 4 characteristics of a good pillow.

  • Size –  Five sizes to fit your body type and sleep positions.  Click here to find your perfect fit.

  • Filling – A specifically engineered Hollofill fiber – non-allergenic, durable, long lasting and machine wash and dry

  • Construction – Each pillow is specifically weighed and hand rolled into a round pillowcase.  The design fits body structures and conforms to mattresses.

  • Shape – Fits and supports the natural neck curve properly positioning the neck and spine in alignment

Competitive Analysis






Obus Form

Basic Pillow


Five sizes, personally customized to individual height, body, and structure. Small enough to transport Three sizes

based on shoulder dimensions and sleeping position

Three sizes: Standard, Queen or King. Five sizes, based on shoulder length. One size pillow Various sizes, difficult or impossible to customize; often difficult to transport due to size.


High Memory polyester Hollofil fibres. Engineered for resiliency, durability, machine washable. Tempur Material (Memory foam) Water, polyester Open-cell custom blended foam Foam Combination of natural and man-made fill material.


Five sizes individually weighed and hand-rolled for precise support, inside a 100% cotton case. Machine made, contour design

Maintains shape for correct support based on size,

Water bladder inside a layer of polyester, inside a case. Molded foam Molded polyurethane foam Stuffed, blown


Cylindrical design to provide proper support whether sleeping on back or side; fits into the natural curve of the neck. Four types of contour pillows to choose from the neck, side, curve, dual-sided Rectangular, much like a standard pillow. Rectangular molded with side sloped panels and wedge extension Rectangle molded – four cervical designs Square, rectangular, hourglass, molded into various shapes – some designed to improve alignment, most are aesthetic.

Clinical study on Pain

Clinically evaluated and found to reduce chronic neck pain Not tested Individual funded study on subjects with asymptomatic cervical pain (no symptoms) No No No

Machine Wash and Dry


Yes, process kills dust mites and sanitizes your pillow. Never wash Tempur material Yes, after emptying water and air from the pillow before washing it. No No Unknown



Yes, easy to remove some filling.  See how to article No Water can be adjusted No No Unknown


Compresses to fit into a packed suitcase. Each pillow weights approximately one pound (.45   kilogram), Tempur material cannot be compressed No No No Unknown

Cold weather-induced rigidity

No Relies on body warmth to soften and conform. Cold temperatures will harden it. No Information not available


Information not available




Hypoallergenic Allergen resistant No. Can buy an anti-allergenic pillow protector Non-allergenic Hypo-allergenic Unknown

Return Policy


Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee, full refund or size exchange.

2-Year   warranty on Workmanship.

With original receipt.

Only if the product is damaged at delivery or product defect. One-year warranty on manufacturing defects. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against foam products losing shape or resilience. One year limited warranty defects, workmanship, and materials with 30-day warranty registration. Unknown