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When you don’t sleep

By December 29, 2017Sleep

When you don’t sleep.

This is the latest news article on what happens.

Here’s why sleep deprivation is toxic and will eventually kill you

Jeff Stibel, Special to USA TODAY Published 4:00 a.m. ET Dec. 22, 2017

You can live for about three minutes without air, three days without water and about 21 days without food. But in between food and water, there is something else critically essential: sleep.

It turns out you can only live about 11 days without sleep. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me, but, just like the other essentials, after day 11 you will probably die.

Sleep is one of the most important things we overlook because most of us don’t consider it vital. The problem isn’t you — it’s your brain. Brain scientists really don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to sleep. For far too long, we have known too little about why we sleep. Instead of acknowledging that fact, scientists have made up fairy tales to explain our need for sleep. They have guessed that sleep is necessary for creativity, rest, rejuvenation and recovery.

There are hints of truth to all of those explanations, but they don’t give us the whole picture. It must be far more important to our survival given how dangerous it is to be asleep. Before we evolved into social animals with a knack for creating shelters, humans were at huge risk in the wild. Falling unconscious is the last thing a sapient Homo sapien would do to survive unless sleep is really, really important. There are safer ways to rest than unconsciousness. And Picasso aside, creativity just isn’t a primal survival tool.

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