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Do you think Sleep is not important to you?

By December 14, 2017Sleep


Read this research about keeping animals awake until they died, and what his autopsy proved.

Here are his words from Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet)

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominant disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30 months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because;

death results from multiple organ failures rather than sleep deprivation.”

We are all animals.  When our organs start shutting down, we develop symptoms and we run to a medical doctor for help.  The medical help is received to overcome the symptoms but can not heal you.   Healing comes from within you because your brain has the healing power for your specific needs; as each person is very unique.

The brains only time to heal is during sleep.

Other research has proven that you must keep the head (brain) supported in alignment with the body during sleep allowing complete communication with the body. That is what a pillow is for!

You require a head support, sized for your body structure, your height, your specific way you sleep on your chosen mattress.  Size is important.

Check out the Align-Right Sleeping Pillows.  5 sizes to fit you.  alignright.com

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