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Therapeutic Sleeping Pillows

By July 12, 2017Sleep

Is there a true Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow?

As we developed our round sleeping pillows, we had them tested on pain reduction because we wanted to get creditability as a therapeutic pillow like all the others claiming to be therapeutic.

See our test results: http://www.alignright.com/clinical-testing-on-pain-reduction/

As the test results ended, the college wanted to compare their study to all others.  They searched worldwide and found NONE.  No pillows were ever tested on pain reduction in the world.  Ours was the first and is still the only pillows that could be classified as a truly therapeutic sleeping pillow.

5 Sizes to fit and support all body structures on all surfaces and sleep positions

We questioned why they could call their pillows “Therapeutic” and the answer was “they are Therapeutic in design”.

This was an eye opener; if they don’t test pillows what else don’t they test!!!

Sadly, I have found there is very little true testing of almost everything today.

In the sleep field;

Sleep Apnea has been made to sound like it is a large sleep problem requiring an air machine to solve it.

A funny find during my studies, is about a Marketing Firm in California who was asked to develop a way to sell an air machine.  The inventor solved an overweight Japanese person sleep problem.   He snored badly and would stop breathing often then restart, scaring others.  The smart marketing firm came up with the term “Sleep Apnea”.

Being in America and looking for more ways to make money; the medical profession jumped on this idea of “Sleep Apnea”.

Now according to the medical professional association; almost 30% of the world population have “Sleep Apnea”.

WOW, what marketing, as everyone believes the medical profession.

Just a small example of testing not required; just market like it has been.

Another sad note is now the insurance companies are putting “Sleep Apnea” in their exclusion clauses.


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