What’s Inside Your Pillow?

Hollow Fibers

Each pillow filled with Specifically Engineered Hollofil Fibre

4-hole fibre crimped

Machine Wash and DrySuperior Loft
Soft down-like feelNon-allgergenic

✔ Align-Right™ Pillow Company is the only company on the eastern side of North America to order and specifically produce this fibre.

✔ Each pillow filling is weighed to exact parameters and hand rolled.

✔ Volume adjustable.

The Perfect Fit – 5 Custom Size

Do you sleep on your side and back? Just choose position you mostly sleep on, to find your size.

Independent Clinical Study

Independent Clinical Study

Designed by Judy, a lady who had headaches and a congenial neck problem. She worked for a chiropractor, gaining knowledge of the spine. She had tried many others on the market, none gave her the support and comfort she needed. In 1992 she designed her own… The Align-Right Pillow Company was born.

Praise for The Sleeping Pillow

“I applaud the Align-Right Pillow Company for creating a wonderfully unique product in a market where few exist to honor nerve flow, especially as it relates to reducing chronic disease. I remain a witness of results, both personally and professionally and look forward to the day where everyone is using the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow for improved lifetime wellness.” Dr. Tsiapalis, D.C.

“I can attest to huge improvement after sleeping with the pillow for only a few days. After suffering from vertigo, off and on for months, and also trying numerous vertical pillows, I decided to give this a try. It’s been about 6 mos. and no more sore neck and no more vertigo. Also ladies, an added bonus is that your hair stays in place….no messy hair in the morning. Wasn’t expecting that.” Carol Norris.

“My husband has almost quit snoring! Wow! What a relief, he purrs now! I wouldn’t want him to be without it!” Kay Doerfler

“My husband stopped snoring after 17 years using the Align-Right Pillow. Thanks Judy!”Joan Hergott

30-Day Money Back Guarantee