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The benefits of sleeping with a sized sleeping pillow

By March 28, 2017Sleep

       The benefits of sleeping with a sized sleeping pillow
The purpose of sleep is to allow the brain to keep our body healthy. During sleep is the only time available for the brain to help our body. During the 8 hours of sleep the head support must allow the brain body connection. Without this restricting support the brain cannot check for help needed nor send the help available. This is explained with the sleep cycle.
                                 A closer analyzing of the cycles you find that you only reach;
Level 4 (Deep Sleep) twice, Level 3 once, Level 2 twice
The first REM cycle is very short and the second is longer with the third longest, 5 in total. The first REM cycle is usually missed because it is very short.
Explaining the sleep levels:
Level 1(includes the First REM Cycle) is about 10 minutes, is a transitional stage, the closest to awake. This is where the brain starts to send signals to release chemicals to relax the body and starts to sort out the day’s inputs.
Level 2 about 20 minutes, is a second transitional stage allowing the brain to send and check the chemical levels, while checking for minor problems that may affect the transition to healing mode. Eg; Is the body relaxing, is communication open, am I producing the required sleep chemicals or do I need more?
Level 3 about 10 minutes, is another stage where the muscles could be checked before getting to level 4. Eg; Any aches and pains in muscle area requiring special attention, like building more muscle and healing others.
Level 4 lasts about 10 minutes and is for the Physical and Biological renewal at Cell Level.
REM cycle is at the top of level two but not to the top of level one and is important for our Mental, Psychological renewal and survival. It has a very important roll in our sleep and is where most dreams take place.
REM is the most important of all sleep cycles! It is the control central
It may take as long as 40 minutes to get to level 4. It is important to be comfortable and motionless during this period, because any interruption will cause you to start over. This could explain why we develop sleep problems.
It is not uncommon for some people to experience 20-30 roll-overs a night.
A quick study shows 30 roll-overs = one every 16 minutes
20 roll-overs = one every 24 minutes
10 roll-overs = one every 48 minutes
5 roll-overs = one every 96 minutes
Sleep interruptions during stages 1, 2 and 3 requires starting the cycle over. To reach stage 4 averages about 40 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.
To reach the first REM stage can take about 80 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.
If you are constantly rolling over (tossing, turning and punching your pillow) interrupting your sleep cycle, how can you possible get a good night’s sleep?
Researchers found our body heals at the cellular levels in stage 4, then why all the stages?
Explaining the cycles:
If level 4 is the healing state, why twice?
Why the short REM cycle first and the longer one second?
Why are there 4 REM states?
What are all the levels for?

Level 4; 1st time
Researchers believe the body heals itself at the cellular level in level 4 and many scientific studies have confirmed this but how?
When the brain reaches level 4 (Deep Sleep) the first time, what would it do?
Assuming the brain wants to heal all body parts; it would have to check where help is needed.
Using computer basics as an example; we find that if we want to clean up or defrag our machines (brain is controller of our body machine), the computer first scans all parts, sends report back to central control, then asks do you want to clean up the mess. It does this in a short period.
Click “Yes”. Now the computer takes over and clears up any problems, sorts all information, files opened and stored in best places. This is a lot longer process.

The 1st time through level 4 takes a short time
The 2nd time takes more than twice as long.
The reason has to be; the brain is scanning the body for help needed and sends help during the 2nd stage 4. This understanding comes from understanding frequencies; which can run both ways on a carrier wave.
Since all communication go through the cervical cortex (Neck) to all organs and cells of our bodies, it needs unrestricted energy flow to the brain and time to receive answers.
First stages level 2, 3 and 4!
Research has proven that each organ has a different frequency. During the first stages of sleep, the brain sends a question (frequency) to all organs, cells of the body and expects a reply as to their needs.
Information returns to the REM state where it can save, open help files and prepare to send help as needed while allowing the body to be in an alert state in case of danger. This alert stage was and is necessary for human survival even today. Evolution.
When the first REM state has prepared the return information it sends the body back to the deep sleep level again and sends help. Second level 4!
Returning to the 2nd REM state to file and record all help sent and received by all body parts while again opening help files for level 3 still allowing the body to be in an alert state in case of danger. Remember evolution!
Again after sending help to level 3 it returns to REM where it prepares level 2 help. It returns to REM again after help sent and will continue to go to level 2 and back to REM every few minutes to keep the body in an alert state in case of danger.
If a person is a heavy sleeper and does not hear anything it means they are not reaching the deep sleep level and can’t get into the REM state. They are stuck in levels 2or 3 and seldom dream. They also are not alert to dangers like fire, gas, burglars, and others asking for help.
Looking closer at the REM state; the closest state to awake.
During the REM state you can hear outside sources and respond instantly if needed. This alertness is responsible for human survival. Once you are in level 2, 3 or 4 outside disturbances affect you slightly and if woken you wake groggy, are slow to act or react to problem so REM is necessary often.
During REM the brain is opening, sorting, and closing files and in doing so, it being electrical in nature, it must be flashing electrons at a tremendous speed but our sensors are capable of recording or seeing the flashes. These flashes will wake you as I personally experienced while writing this book.
How would the brain stop us from seeing this activity?
The screen saver or a blank screen on a computer is the best example I can think of to hide the actions of the brain. What screen saver would we see?

Could that be our Dream State?
This makes basic sense, as some people have never dreamed until after receiving a good deep sleep. They finally went through the deep sleep cycle and dreamed.
This analysis of the sleep cycle gives us insight into several things;
1. Most important for our health is our first deep sleep cycle, level 4. Once the brain has recorded the help required then it will find the time to heal our body.
2. Not all people require 7.5 – 8 hours sleep. Many go to level 4 within several minutes and many complete their cycle in 3-5 hours.
3. It does not harm the body to wake during the REM cycle. You can easily return to sleep if needed.
4. We heal in level 4.
5. Our mind defrags in REM state.

6. REM is a central control for our brain.

Note: The body does not heal instantly but over time going through the cycles, the brain will heal the body.
I know this explanation was deep but it explains why you need to sleep right for your health. Sleeping on your size sleeping pillow ensures your body is in contact with your brain allowing it to keep you healthy.
It has taken over 20 years of patient research and studies to solve to modern sleep problem.
I wish everyone a healthy sleep and long life.

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