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So you still have sleep problems?

By November 16, 2017Sleep

So you still have sleep problems?

You wake with headaches, still tired, sore neck, groggy, feel like you haven’t slept; maybe you haven’t.

Can't Sleep

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Can’t Sleep.

Take your time to think out the problem.

You went to bed with no headache, no sore neck, tired, wanting a good sleep; what happened?  Did you use your bed pillow; the square (rectangular) one. Did you mangle it into a support, fold it into a head support, did it slip away during sleep and you had to wake to reposition it?

That is the most common sleep problem people have.  They toss and turn 20-30 times a night and wake tired.  Stop this tossing and turning with a different design head support.

My wife Judy had this same problem and tried all shapes and types of pillows to solve her sleep problem; none solved her problem.  She decided to make her own design.

The first requirement of a head support is comfort and the second is the right size head support.  Her job as a chiropractic assistant allowed her understanding of head and neck support; so, she developed a round head support.  Even Medical doctors recommend sleeping on a rolled towel if you have a neck problem.

She sews, so she made a round roll to fit herself.   Then she tried many types of fillings from foam rolls, foam chips, batting, and combinations of them.   Finally finding a special fiberfill that if put in properly, it gave comfort and great head support; plus other health benefits.

The round roll stopped the tossing and turning, reduced the headaches, and she woke refreshed ready for the new day.  Then she made one for me.

Over time we developed a business; the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow.

If you have any problems; stop, look at the problem, and see where it came from, and look for a solution.   We did that with a major sleep problem; how do you measure people for a sized sleeping pillow?  Found the answer through research.

I used this idea to solve my personal health problem – sore knees; I was not walking properly.

You can solve your problems or find a product that solves your problem.  Your life revolves around you and only you can improve it.



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