Can’t Sleep? Have neck pain?

93% had Significant Pain Reduction in Clinical Study!

The Align-Right Pillow has been independently, clinically tested on pain reduction with significant results at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC).

“Before/After Study to Determine The Effectiveness of the Align-Right Cylindrical Cervical Pillow in Reducing Chronic Neck Pain Severity”.

Results: Align-Right Cylindrical Pillow is an effective therapy for chronic neck pain subjects.
Conclusion: The results suggest that the Align-Right Cylindrical Pillow has clinically important beneficial effects on the neck pain severity of most chronic neck-pain suffers.

X-Ray on Align-Right Pillow

Xray shows vertebrae spinal alignment. Vertebra spaces are open and the natural alignment of the neck is maintained. This helps to relax muscles and reduce pressure on the joints and discs. The nerves are not compressed, symptoms and pain can decrease.

X-Ray on Bed Pillow
Xray shows spinal alignment curve lost. Vertebra spaces are compressed. This can cause a stiff neck, irritate joints and stress discs, leading to neck pain and headaches.

“I applaud the Align-Right Pillow Company for creating a wonderfully unique product in a market where few exist to honor nerve flow, especially as it relates to reducing chronic disease. I remain a witness of results, both personally and professionally and look forward to the day where everyone is using the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow for improved lifetime wellness.” Dr. Tsiapalis, D.C.

Specifically Engineered Hollofill

The Align-Right Pillow is filled with a specifically engineered Hollofill. Each fibre is cut in equal lengths and is specially crimped to provide resiliency and refluffability.

  • Non-allergenic
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly
  • Odourless
  • Machine washable and dryable

Hollofil – 4-holes trap more air for loft, softness, comfort and fluffability in pillows.



Judy Blondin, Inventor Align-Right Pillow

About the Inventor

Judy worked for a chiropractor and with her knowledge of the spine was able to help herself. She knew the she could design a pillow that was comfortable, supportive and fit the neck curve to allow the cervical (neck) vertebrae normal alignment.

She designed a cylindrical roll to fit and support her neck curve and most important a specifically engineered Hollofil filling to give the proper support, yet be comfortable.

She began making them for patients and selling them at a local market. She realized quickly custom sizes were needed to fit different body structures. A business was born, unasked for testimonials were received on help received from sleeping on the Align-Right Pillow.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee