Best pillow for Sleeping Neck Pain

Are you saying “my neck hurts after sleeping”?   Judy knows how that feels; she had severe neck pain after sleeping for many years.   That is why Judy designed the Align-Right™ Pillow!   Her bed pillow and all other therapeutic pillows caused her more pain.

The pillow you are using may be aggravating or even causing neck pain.

The key to a better sleep can be as simple as changing your pillow!

The Align-Right™ cylindrical pillow fits and supports the natural and abnormal neck curve. It gently aligns and naturally stretches your cervical (neck) spine with relaxing comfort. This proper sleeping posture for neck pain gives your neck muscles a ‘feel good’ feeling, in all sleeping positions. Vertebrae spaces open, nerves leading from these open spaces are not compressed, allowing normal transmission of nerve energy to every tissue and organ of the body.   Tight neck muscles can now take a time out! Comfort is maximized for both side and back sleepers.

A independent clinical study was done at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College “Before/After Study to Determine The Effectiveness of the Align-Right™ Cylindrical Cervical Pillow (ARCP) in Reducing Chronic Neck Pain Severity” JMPT Published: Feb 1998;21:89-93

Results: ARCP is an effective therapy for chronic neck pain subjects.

Conclusion: The results suggest that the ARCP has clinically important beneficial effects on the neck pain severity of most chronic neck pain suffers.

93% of patients had significant reduction in neck pain –

7% of these became symptom free

75% of patients had reduction in pain medication.

The Align-Right™ sleeping pillow is designed and manufactured to custom-fit your unique cervical (neck) curve, body structure, mattress density and is a good pillow for side sleepers and the best back sleeper pillow. Five (5) sizes with charts to fit you!

…. The complete sleeper pillow … Align-Right™ Sleeping Pillow


“About 2 years ago, on the recommendation from my sister, Louise, I bought 2 pillows. One was for me and the other was for my daughter, who had suffered her 2nd concussion and had neck and head pain and problems sleeping. It has made a world of difference to how we sleep and also enjoyment of waking up without a stiff neck.”

Leyla V.R.

“I threw away my other pillow and can only receive a good night sleep with the Align-Right pillow. It releases all my neck aches. It’s great!”

Caroly K.

“I’m an accountant and look at a computer screen all day, resulting in a neck problem. Since using the Align-Right pillow, I have not had any neck problems.”

James M.

“Your pillow is absolute great. It made the difference between being able to write my last thesis for my Master’s degree or not. Having been at the computer all day I wreck my body but the pillow fixes it at night.”

Donna M.,

“I suffered terrible neck pain for a very long time. I saw a physiotherapist weekly for years. While it helped a bit now and then, the pain was chronic and SO discouraging. I bought a pillow praying on the way home it would make a difference! On the fist night, it didn’t help me much at all but you had warned me that I could take a few days. On the second night though…success! By the third night – wow. I am SO glad that you created this, and just had to send you a note to tell you how much a difference this pillow is making in my life. This pillow has improved my life. Thank you!!

Patricia D.,

“I have suffered with degenerated discs and pinched nerves in my neck for eighteen years. I have purchased every kind of pillow for my neck. Big, small, flat, round, fluffy and hard. And then, “Oh Happy Day!” I bought an Align-Right Pillow. From the first night I slept on it, there was no pain the next morning. Thank you again for the comfort this pillow has brought me.

Patricia, W.,

“My neck is so much better and I have good nights sleep – thank you.”

Vera M.,

“I highly recommend this pillow. Having had a chronic neck condition for years I had great difficulty sleeping. This pillow has helped me immensely. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Linda T.,

“We have had your pillow for a year now; it is a blessing for my neck. Also the little pillow in the car is very fine for comfort and relaxing.”

Louise R.,

“Your pillow has done wonders for my neck.”

Patti A.,

“I have used the Align-Right pillow for 3 nights and have noticed considerable less pain in the morning!”


“I was a pillow ’tosser’ – always trying to find the correct depth or the right amount of ‘scrunch’ to relive my neck pain. I thought it would take some time to adjust to my new Align-Right Pillow. It worked wonders the first night … and every night there after. I would never be with it! I am grateful for your wonderful invention and wish you much success.”

Margaret W.

“I now sleep better – more soundly and longer and have less neck stiffness in the morning.”

Paul K.,

“In my 40’s, I used to think waking up with stiff, sore neck and shoulders was a part of aging. I tried a few ‘neck pillows’, the ones with the hollow in the middle and found them to be a slight help, but only when I slept on my back. By change, I bought a pillow at a Home Show a couple of years ago, and my life has since been transformed! Whether sleeping on my side or back, I get such wonderful comfort from your pillow. I bought one for my partner also. Reluctant as he was to try it, after a few nights adjusting, he wouldn’t dream of sleeping on anything else! I am in my 50’s now, and wake up each day feeling just wonderful! I take my ‘log’ as I call it away on vacations as nothing else gives me such a peaceful pain-free sleep. I have and will continue to avidly recommend your pillow to everyone. Thank you. Judy!”

Francine B.,

“My father has boney metastases in his neck; he had been in a lot of pain and unable to sleep at night. He heard about your pillows and bought one to try. He loves his pillow! He sleeps well each night and feels rested in the morning. His whole sense of well-being is improved now that he is sleeping well. Thanks so much!!!”

Susan L.,

“I needed to let you know how much I am enjoying the Align-Right pillow and the ‘pain-free’ I am now experiencing. You would not imagine how much relief I am getting day after day from this pillow, after so many years of daily pain – approx. 50+ years in all. I can now look forward to ‘pain-free’ days and nights, something I never would have known without this pillow. Thank goodness and good luck for your business and the little miracles it provides for those like me. Thank you again.”

Heather L.,

“I have a congenital birth defect in my neck. I always had neck pain until I began using the Align-Right Pillow. I have had no major problems in 3 years.”

Dale M.,

“I have noticed a definite difference in my neck and shoulder muscles once I started using the pillow. I am much more relaxed and have reduced stress in these areas.”

Michelle L.W.

“I love the Align-Right Pillow and have completely lost all neck problems due to it, so I’m very happy. I highly recommend one.”

Diane S.

“The Align-Right Pillow has allowed me to have a much better sleep with hardly any pains in my neck or back. I find that I am sleeping through the night and not waking up every 2 to 3 hours. My whole body is feeling much better.”

Tim McC.

“Since I started using the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow I have experienced tremendous reduction in neck pain and strain from a motor vehicle accident. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested and without stiffness. My lower back no longer aches in the morning and I rarely have headaches anymore. I take the pillow with me when I travel and the whole family wants one now too!”

Joni Y.