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Sleep problems have been increasing why?

By November 2, 2017Sleep

Sleep problems have been increasing why?

With the many pillows available worldwide there should be very few sleep problems but the opposite is true.

In 1998 CNN news announced that “Sleep is the #1 health problem, worldwide”.

Tracing sleep back to the first recorded perfect sleep I found the 1st Chinese Emperor’s pillow (a hard form with a hole for the ear) was his answer to getting a perfect sleep.

Head support

Example of hard head support

This hard head support served the affluent in China and Japan for centuries then came the Europeans with a mattress and now sleep problems started.

The hard head support would not work on soft surfaces.  Mattress manufactures started making a square product that could be used on their mattresses.  The modern bed pillows developed to enhance the mattress.

Today we understand the purpose of a pillow is to support the head weight while keeping the head in alignment with the body.  This is necessary as many researchers have proven that the brain controls all body parts when awake and heals all body parts during sleep.  Without sleep all body organs start shutting down. This study indicates that sleep is the most important part of life.  Without sleep we die!

Since mattresses started causing sleep problems we need a head support that works with all the varieties of mattresses.   The pillow must support the head weight and conform to each mattress.  The pillow must compress on both sides to give support and compress into the mattress as the body sinks.

There is only one shape that conforms on both sides; round.

Testing a round roll design for over 20 years, we found everyone was a different body structure with different sleep habits.  To accommodate everyone, we designed 5 sizes and developed charts for side and back sleepers.  We had developed;

5 Sizes Circles

We had the pillows tested on pain reduction and are now the only pillow in the world that can replace the Emperor’s Pillow as the modern Sleep Support.   The Align-Right Sleeping Pillows.

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