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Sleep is when the body heals

By May 24, 2017Sleep

Sleep is when the body heals.
No drug or vitamins can heal the body without good deep sleep.

Just Facts!
When a researcher found, animals died from multiple organ failures when not allowed to sleep; he proved that the body receives healing during sleep.
By rational analyzing of other studies; body structures, brain requirements, blood flows, muscles and neck alignment, we can see why a pillow is used for sleeping.
A pillow is used to keep the brain in contact with the body during sleep as the brain checks and heals the body during sleep.
Buy keeping the head supported in alignment with the body, the brain can check where and what help each organ needs. This is found by understanding the Sleep Cycle.
During the REM cycle is when the brain analyzes the return information and prepares the return help. Next REM cycle sends help.
To do this sending and receiving, the brain must have unrestricted contact to the body through the neck area, where all connections are.
Your pillow is your most important asset to keeping your health.
It must support your head weight, keeping the head in alignment with the body, long enough for the brain to send and receive the help messages from each organ. This occurs during the first deep sleep cycle.
The modern pillow must:
Support the head weight while supporting the neck muscles
Be easy to use;
Conform to the body structure which is made of curves.
Conform to all types of mattresses
Since everyone is unique in size, body structure, sleep habits and use different beds, they require a sized sleeping pillow.
All clothing is sized for you, why not your most important health product, ……
your sleeping pillow?

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