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Sleep: a basic necessity of life

By January 22, 2018Sleep
Finally Sleeping

A researcher proved this in a roundabout way as he/she was trying to prove lack of sleep won’t kill you. He kept animals awake until they died, then autopsied them. His results stated:

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominant disease that is invariably fatal after 6-30 months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because Death resulted from multiple organ failures rather than sleep deprivation.”

Finally Sleeping

Finally Sleeping when you are dead

If by withholding sleep, death resulted from organ failure, then sleep is necessary for the health of our organs without which we die! We are human animals. This research proved most of my observations on sleep over the last 25 years. Sleep is most important for our health and affects all our everyday activities.

Modern research is proving this weekly.

Jeff Stibel, Special to USA TODAY Published 4:00 a.m. ET Dec. 22, 2017

From our health, family problems, work problems and how we deal with living, all are affected by how well we sleep not by how long.  Some researchers are proving if you sleep too long, is not healthy.

There is only one common factor in sleeping; your pillow.  It needs to fit and support your body structure in your preferred sleep position on your chosen bed.

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