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Sizes and Charts

By April 15, 2017Sleep

It took many years to develop the 5 sizes and twice as long to find a way to measure everyone’s “Sleep Triangle”. We coined the words “Sleep Triangle “because it fit the area that must be supported by a head support.
Supporting the head weight while supporting the neck muscles keeping the neck in alignment was the answer to perfect sleep, but how? Studying all medical and natural health, using ancient studies we found the ear was the center of the head weight. Taking the top tip of the ear as a point of reference we developed a ruler to measure the top tip of the ear to the shoulder for back sleepers and used the outside edge of the shoulder into the side of the neck for side sleepers.
Using our current distributors to test this ruler we found slight adjustments; made them and developed charts so everyone can select their own size. We still offer our professionals a ruler for their special clients.
Our charts were founded on these measurements.

There are 3 things we can not account for;
1. Your idea of your body structure
2. The type of mattress you use.
3. Your changing body structure
(Example: a medium structure adding 20 lb. or more may need a larger size)
The charts are based on a medium firm mattress.
A softer mattress may require a smaller size and a firmer mattress may require a larger size.

Using the chart is easy;
1. Select your preferred sleep position
2. Cross reference your body structure to your height
3. That is your recommended size pillow that fits your sleep triangle.

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