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Series; The Brain Connection

By March 6, 2017Sleep

Series; The Brain Connection

Understanding that the brain controls all the body is essential to understanding sleep and how the body heals.  Brain studies show how the brain communicates with the body.  How the brain controls blood pressure.  How the brain heals all body parts.  How the brain stores all our seeing and hearing info.  Everything goes through the brain.  All pain must first register in the brain which communicates to the body.     All communication goes through the neck area to all body parts and organs.

Blood Flow to Brain

Looking at the head picture you see all communication flows through the neck. The brain requires 20% of the blood flow from the heart for normal activities. Any restriction in blood flow would cause the brain to order the heart to pump harder causing high blood pressure.

A good example is the garden hose.  If kinked the water is restricted; reducing the flow.   Remove the restriction and the water flows again.

Restricting Blood Flow

If you don’t belief the brain controls blood pressure just restrict the blood flow to the brain by putting pressure on the artery leading to the brain and listen to the heart start pumping faster increasing blood pressure so the brain gets its required blood.  This is also the reason why head wounds bleed so fast and are very serious wounds.
The brain also controls all hearing and seeing.  Sounds and visual images are recorded at full pixels so you can overload and feel tired.  Closing your eyes can free up many pixels.  As you reach overload the brain sends a chemical to make you want to sleep.  During sleep the brain sorts all input, files it, condenses all and stores it.  Nothing is deleted or lost just compacted and stored.  A good hypnotist can have you bring back pictures and sounds from your distant past proving nothing is lost just filed.  Think of the brain as a computer with a large storage.  Many people think the brain slows down when we sleep but it has one speed and many things to do to keep you healthy.
The connection with the brain during sleep is more important to your health than food.

The Chinese hard head support was designed to keep the neck in alignment on hard surfaces proving the head support the answer to perfect sleep.

Today this device will not work with our mattresses so a new device had to be designed to support the head weight, keeping the neck in alignment with the body while working with all types of mattresses.

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