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Series: Analyzing why the head support works.

By February 15, 2017Sleep

Analyzing why the head support works.

To analyse why the head support works you must look at all modern research.  Research includes Medical, Chiropractic, Natural Healers, Massage Therapists and many researcher records.    I came upon a researcher that proved sleep had a healing affect on our body organs.  By keeping animals awake until they died and autopsy each he found that without sleep our body organs shut down and we die.   This indicates that our organs must receive healing during deep sleep or we develop illnesses and die.

The Chinese hard head support was keeping the head in alignment with the body so all communication was not restricted allowing natural healing nightly.

The head contains the brain which communicates to all body parts through the neck and any restriction will reduce the communication to different body parts.  Parts needing healing won’t be receiving help.   All body organs report to the brain each night during the deep sleep stage.  Any restriction would reduce or stop the signals getting to or from the brain just like a kink in a water hose reduces water flow.

Restricting Blood Flow

The Chinese scholars understood the human body through centuries of learning.  Their natural healers have documented the head heart communication as being the most important part in the healing process.  Their understanding allowed the making of the perfect head support for their time.

Today we use beds with mattresses which allow the body and shoulders to sink into them.  These modern beds gave the body comfort but the bed pillows did not give proper support to the head neck alignment.  Without good communication with the brain each night we develop illnesses and die early.

Developing a perfect modern head support was not easy and explaining it is harder. Understanding the brain connection, the mattresses and how they work, sleep positions and body structures and how to measure people; took years of research and understanding.

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