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Professional Testimonial

By February 15, 2018Sleep
Mark Del Cantero, DC

We receive these Professional Testimonials many times each month.

I thought you might want to read this one.


Dr. Mark Del Cantero                                                     Feb 6, 2018

“We have been recommending the A-R pillows for more than 10 years. Speaking personally, it is the only pillow that I can get a good night’s sleep with and eliminates my tossing and turning. Speaking for my patients, their discovery of the A-R pillow and it’s benefits is like a child discovering a bicycle for the first time, they receive the freedom of a good nights’ sleep and a pain-free neck sometimes for the first time ever. I highly recommend the A-R pillow to anyone who wants to support the proper cervical curve while they sleep.” (Dr. Mark)


201 Wilson St. E., Ancaster, ON


Discover your freedom of a good sleep with your size sleeping pillow.

You can sleep on the ground if you have a sized sleeping pillow.

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