5 sizes, Custom fitting covers, and fiberfill

The Align Right Pillow

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We spend hours at stores looking for a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and trying on different pairs of shoes to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. We do this knowing we will be spending all day wearing them.

However, when it comes to choosing a pillow we just grab whatever we think is the most fluffy. Even though we spend a third of our life using a pillow to sleep.

The Align-Right Sleeping pillows are designed in sizes to give you a great sleep. 

 No one can claim it will solve your specific sleep problem. 

Testimonials are results claimed by different users. 

During deep sleep, your body may require help in more different areas than you know. During sleep, your brain would find where your body needs help and sends help over time.  Healing always takes time.

Each sized pillow is designed to give you a good sleep.  They don’t need re-fluffing all night, therefore, you get a deeper sleep. Less tossing and turning because each pillow keeps its shape.

Easy to use charts to get a sleeping pillow that fits you. 

We guarantee a deeper more restful sleep with a 60-day return policy.

Sizing Charts:

1-Pick your preferred sleep position

2-Cross-reference your height to your body structure

3-Select your size


  • Cylindrical Design – Supports your neck in any sleep position
  • Machine Washable and Dryable – Non-allergenic and odorless
  • Compresses into a suitcase – perfect for traveling.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
  • Filled with  100% hollofil fibres for the perfect support
  • Comes with FREE: Bonus item and white pillow slip (case)