5 sizes of round Sleeping Pillows designed to fit and support you during sleep in comfort, easy to read charts for side and back sleepers, Custom fitting coloured slips and a picture of our fiberfill

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Sleeping Pillow

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Choose Your Size

Step 1. First choose your preferred sleep position. 

Step 2. Match your height & weight to body structure chart.

Step 3. Cross-reference your height and body structure (small, medium, or large).

 Side and Back Sleeper Sizing Charts

Product  Features:

  • Cylindrical Roll Design - Fits the natural and abnormal neck (cervical) spine and shoulders.
  • Zippered Case - 100% Down-Proof High-Quality Cotton
  • Complimentary 100% cotton pillowcase.
  • Pillow can be volume adjusted and re-fluffed.
  • 5 sizes with charts to Custom Fit, your predominant sleep position, and body structure.
  • Totally machine wash and dry, re-fluffable for longer life.
  • Light Weight/Resilient - compresses into a suitcase, pops back to shape.
  • Hand-filled with specifically engineered 100% hollofill fibers for Align-Right, high memory, non-allergenic, odorless, re-fluff, durable, lasting plumpness