5 sizes of round Sleeping Pillows designed to fit and support you during sleep in comfort, easy to read charts for side and back sleepers, Custom fitting coloured slips and a picture of our fiberfill

Sleeping Pillows (pillows designed to enhance your sleep)

Align-Right Pillow Company LTD

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Our sized round pillows are designed to fit you

... not your bed.

Many years spent designing sizes that fit and support you in comfort, reducing your tossing and turning giving a deeper sleep.  

After finding a way to measure everyone, we put the findings into charts for side and back sleeping.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)

  1.  Cylindrical Design - Fits the natural and abnormal neck (cervical) spine and shoulders.
  2. Zippered Case - 100% Cotton 280 td.ct., the pillow  can be volume adjusted and re-fluffed
  3. 5 sizes to Custom Fit  predominant sleep position and body structure
  4. Totally machine wash and dry,  
  5. Light Weight/Resilient -  compresses into a suitcase, pops back to shape.
  6. Hand-filled with specifically engineered 100% hollofil fibers for Align-Right, high memory, non-allergenic, odorless, re-fluff, durable, lasting plumpness
  7. Comes with installed 100% cotton pillow slip over 100% cotton Zippered case