Sleeping Pillow
Sleeping Pillow
Sleeping Pillow
Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping Pillow

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The Align Right Sleeping Pillow fits and supports the natural and abnormal neck curve like no other pillow can. Its unique cylindrical shape and patented filling helps relieve tension around the neck and shoulders, so you sleep better.

With five different sizes and the ability to adjust the amount of filling, you'll have a pillow that's made just for you and your personal sleeping positions.

 Find Your Perfect Pillow Size

Use our sizing guide to find the right size for your neck and sleep style.

Product Features:

  • Cylindrical Roll Design - Fits the natural and abnormal neck (cervical) spine and shoulders.
  • Zippered Case - 100% Down-Proof High-Quality Cotton
  • Complimentary 100% cotton pillowcase.
  • Pillow can be volume adjusted and re-fluffed.
  • 5 sizes with charts to Custom Fit, your predominant sleep position, and body structure.
  • Totally machine wash and dry, re-fluffable for longer life.
  • Light Weight/Resilient - compresses into a suitcase, pops back to shape.
  • Hand-filled with specifically engineered 100% hollofill fibers for Align-Right, high memory, non-allergenic, odorless, re-fluff, durable, lasting plumpness
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