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Camping Pillow

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A Camping Pillow Can make a world of difference, creating a comfortable sleep experience, free from back, neck or shoulder pain.  Align-Right Camping Pillow keeps your body aligned and comfortable, so that campers wake up feeling rested and ready for another great day.

  • Firmly filled with Align-Right’s specifically engineered polyester Hollofil.
  • Firmer than a regular sleeping pillow, as the hard ground doesn’t give way like a mattress therefore no shoulder or neck to be constricted.
  • Lightweight
  • Compresses for packing, does not lose its form, springs back
  • Cylindrical Design: 6 ½” (16cm) x diameter x 15” (35 cm) long
  • Totally machine wash and dry.
Thank you Align-Right for the Camping Pillow.  I love camping, but hate the restless sleep I get from sleeping on the hard ground.  Even with a sleeping pad, I get a lousy quality of sleep and find my neck aching in the morning. I’ve tried everything from stuffing a pillow case with clothing to the portable Therma-Rest pillow.  All that changed with your camping pillow!  I can’t believe that something so simple can make such a difference.  Not only do I sleep well, but I no longer complain of aches and pains related to sleeping on the ground.
Your camping pillow has just endured over a month in Asia, Japan and Thailand and held out greatly. It is most comfortable when sleeping on a firm surface.  My body overall fells well-rested.  For compactness, it’s been very good n the backpack, can be squeezed in small areas.
Judy and Mark
The Align Right Camping Pillow was one of our most treasured travel companions on our 3-month backpacking trip in South East Asia. No matter how far we roamed and how many different places we stayed, we always knew that at the end of the day, our head would always be at home. The pillow always neatly clipped on to the side of both our big packs and day packs and it was easy able to pack it away when needed. These pillows will travel with us wherever life takes us. Thank you, Align Right!”
Matt and Laura
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