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When sleeping on the ground, your shoulder does not sink into the ground as much as it does into a mattress.

If sleeping in a camper with a mattress our regular sleeping pillows work great.

All our sleeping pillows are great for traveling as they compress for packing and spring back when needed.

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Post card from Thailand:
“Hi Judy!  Well I’m glad to report that your pillows have endured just over a month in Asia, Japan and Thailand and holding out greatly.  I find my pillow most comfortable when I’m sleeping on a fairly firm mattress.  I tend to sleep the best and my body overall feels well-rested.  For compactness, it’s been very good in the backpack, can be squeezed in small areas.  Take care.
Judy L    … Also thanks, Mark A.

“Thank you for the Align-Right Camping Pillow!  I love camping, but I hate the restless sleep I get from sleeping on the hard ground.  Even with a sleeping pad, I get a lousy quality of sleep and find my neck aching in the morning.  I’ve tried everything from stuffing a pillow case with clothing to the packable Therma-Rest pillow.  All that changed with your camping pillow!  I can’t believe that something so simple can make such a difference.  Not only do I sleep well, but I no longer complain of aches and pains related to sleeping on the ground!   I’m also one of those people who move around a lot in their sleep, so I was even more impressed that the pillow was comfortable regardless of my sleeping position.  My camping pillow has now been with me on canoe trips in Algonquin Park, backpacking in the Rockies and mountaineering in Banff.   While it looks big, the pillow easily stuffs in with my sleeping bag in its stuff sack.  The few ounces are definitely worth their weight in gold!  I personally will never go camping again with it.   I could go on.  I seriously love the thing!   I challenge anyone who has ever considered not going on a trip because of a reluctance to sleep on the hard ground to try this pillow.  They’ll thank me.”   Joanne W.

“I’ve done a lot of wilderness camping over the years and sleeping at night ahs always been an uncomfortable experience.  It wasn’t until I purchased the “Camp Align-Right Pillow” that I could actually get a full nights sleep and wake up without a sore neck.”    Michael K.,

“I enjoy the outdoors, canoeing, hiking, camping and sleep in a tent.  I remember the first night I used my Align-Right Camping Pillow – COMFORT!  Make room in your backpack for this pillow, it squeezes into a small space easily.”   Audrey N.,

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