The Align-Right Car Head Rest and Travel Roll give relief to neck muscles which can be aggravated to neck pain on a trip, sitting in a chair or driving in the car (either as a driver or passenger).

The importance of headrests in a car are always underplayed. Not many understand the significance of headrests for a safe ride. Maintaining the proper level of headrest is as much important as is fastening the seat belt. One can get seriously injured if both of these are not well maintained.

Surprisingly, studies show that one in every three persons does not arrange the head restraint appropriately. As per the experts, most often people leave the headrests in a downward position which actually fails to provide protection against the neck injuries in an accident.

The automobiles are actually put to test to determine and rate the resistance of neck injuries that they offer in a rear-end crash. A well coordinated head rest can drastically curb down the risk of whiplash injuries by controlling the differential motion between an individual’s head and torso. While in its absence, the head would lag behind the torso due to rapid speed and severe jerk, thus, causing whiplash.

A good head rest is one which successfully catches the head by being high enough and close enough to do the same. One can adjust it as per the height and requirement. Just pull it as high as you can get while sitting, this should be somewhere above your ears. Besides, also make sure that your head is close to the head rest too.

Marketplace did a study in 1998 on the important of a headrest, their research showed; the space between the neck curve and headrest should be about 4 inches, thus giving less impact if in an accident. The Align-Right Travel Comfort Roll is 4 inches in diameter, has a elastic which slips over the head rest to keep it in place. It can reduce torso movement to avoid sever injuries.


“These are the greatest neck rolls for the car. I am back to buy 2 more for gifts. We already have 4 at home! The neck roll in the car is great for sleeping, it stops your head from flopping over. Just put your seat back and rest your neck on the roll and you’re in dreamland! It is greate for the driver too, resting against it, it is very, very comfortable and stress relieving!!” -E. Dow

“The cushioning effect of the comfort neck roll reduced my whiplash in a rear-end collision. Only slight stiffness for 2 days – no pain!” -Judy B

“We received a comfort neck roll as a gift for our car trip to Florida. What a relief for our necks and while watching T.V. and knitting. Greatly appreciated!” -Vi M

“Would just like to tell you that your comfort roll cushioned my neck when i was rear-ended by another car. As a result I managed to avoid injury to my neck. Good work!!!” -Peter M