Sizing Charts

 Your size depends on YOUR “Sleep Triangle”

The “Sleep Triangle”, founded by Align-Right.

 Align-Right has taken all the following into finding your custom size.

Sleep Triangle
  1. Preference for side, back or stomach sleeping

  2. The length of your neck, from the tip of your ear to your shoulder.

  3. The width of your shoulders from the side of your neck to the outside of your shoulder bone.

  4. The angle from the tip of your ear to the outside of your shoulder bone.

After measuring, we put the info into charts for easy selection

Now find your size by our charts, following the easy 1, 2, 3, 4 steps.

1Select your dominant sleep position (the one you most prefer)

2. Cross-reference your body structure with your height

3. Discover your size sleeping pillow

4. Order your size through our secure order page

sizing chart

Some people may experience mild discomfort while adapting to the Align-Right Pillow.  Neck muscles may require between two to twelve days to adjust to the change in support.   

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