Frequently Asked Questions

Our working at a desk or on a computer forces us to use our neck muscles supporting our head in many overstretched positions causing tightness and pain. After a long day, we need to stretch and relax our neck muscles and to do that you need a round object. The Align-Right Sleeping pillows are round and sized to help you get the necessary stretching you require for your size body structure. Many times you dont get the time to stretch during your waking day so it is nice to stretch and relax when going to sleep. Each size pillow is designed to;

RELAX – neck and shoulder muscles

RELIEVES – tension/pressure around the neck

REDUCES – stress on the spine

X-rays show the cylinder (round) Align-Right Pillow fits and supports the natural neck curve; aligning the vertebrae. When in alignment there is space between the vertebrae, creating no nerve compression to cause pain.

Regular bed pillows can take the neck curve out of alignment, vertebrae spaces may close and have nerve compression pain.

Five (5) sizes to custom fit body structure and dominant sleeping position.

In 1998 an independent clinical study was done at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic Clinic, in Toronto “Before/after study to determine the effectiveness of the Align-Right Cylindrical Pillow in reducing chronic neck pain”. It revealed 93% of the participants using the Align-Right Pillow had significant pain reduction, 13% of these participants became symptom-free, 75% of participants reduced their use of pain medication.

1. Totally wash the pillow 2. Dry in hot dryer 20 minutes. …. a hot dryer is 130 deg.Fahrenheit (54 deg. Celsius), will eliminate dust mites.


1. Place in a large plastic bag. Remove oxygen, making it as small as possible.

2. Place in the freezer 48 hours.

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition known for chronic pain throughout the body, accompanied by tenderness around the joints, muscles, tendons and soft tissues. There is no specific, proven cause for Fibromyalgia. The condition is believed to be associated with an amplification of the brain’s pain sensors, causing an increase in painful sensations felt throughout the body. The Align-Right pillow’s comfortable, custom-fit support, keeps the body from moving long enough for the person to reach deep sleep (stage 4); where the brain can start reducing the problem or occurrence.

When a spine is in alignment, it is healthy (the basis of chiropractic philosophy). The body’s natural ability to fight disease and pain is not impaired. The foundation of a sound and healthy sleep is found in the cervical spine forming our necks. Keeping our neck in alignment with the rest of our spine during sleep prevents interruption of life’s energy forces and maximizes the natural innate ability of the body to heal itself every night. By sleeping in alignment your body heals each night and the mind De-Frags (condenses storage space), allowing more space for new information each day.

Yes. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is designed to compact to fit in your suitcase.

Arm and Hand Numbness was found by consumers to be reduced by using the Align-Right Sized sleeping pillow. Temporary lack of blood flow to hand and arms will cause arm and hand numbness. Symptoms may be relieved by sleeping with the Align-Right Pillow; no hands under sized pillow. When you sleep or rest on a custom-sized Align-Right Pillow. The shape supports your neck curve, gently stretching and relaxing the neck muscles, it feels good!

Sleeping in alignment each night with proper support reduces tossing and turning allowing the muscles to relax and heal naturally over time. For everyday aches, sometimes the weight of the body normally gives enough torque to put the offset back in place.

Sleeping in alignment each night helps relax your neck muscles which in turn can aide with headaches and migraines. When the neck muscles stretch and relax, vertebrae go into alignment, there is space between the vertebra, no nerves are compressed. (Compressed or ‘pinched nerves’ cut off blood supply, giving pain to pain-sensitive structures). The tension in the neck area is often overcome by stretching the neck using a cylindrical support that is the right custom-size for your neck curve. Your right size Align-Right pillow gives maximum support directly under the head while supporting the neck area.

Real insomnia is rare. Depression is the leading cause of insomnia today. Many people think if they don’t sleep all 7-8 hours they have insomnia. Lacks of a deep sleep leaves you feeling like you did not sleep. Majority of people reach deep sleep about once a week. You need it nightly for good health. If you refuse to sleep for some reason then overtime the brain stops sending the sleep signals. We make our own insomnia. This condition can be overcome by retraining the brain to help you sleep. A proper sleep device will help with this retraining but will take time.

Knee pain can be traced to an injury, overweight or spine problems. With any of these causes the body can help through sleeping in alignment. An injury must be allowed to heal and healing comes during sleep. Keeping the knee in a comfortable position relieving the pressure allows the inflamed muscles to heal. A pillow sized for your body is a necessity. All healing takes place during sleep. Sleeping with your body in alignment allows the brain to send healing help. Many people found using a round pillow under the knee takes pressure off the problem. The round shape of the Align-Right Pillow fits the curve behind the knee and takes the pressure off the muscles allowing them to heal.

Yes, the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow has been clinically proven to reduce pain by an independent clinical study completed at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto. The results showed a 93% pain reduction, with 13% of these becoming symptom-free and 75% had less pain medication. The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow is the only sleeping pillow _in the world_ to have been clinically tested for pain reduction. We're one of a kind.

Yes, some insurance companies will cover the cost of the pillow for you with a prescription.