Custom Sizing is important to you

Custom sizing is important to you because:

  • Sleep science has proven that you receive healing energy from deep sleep.
  • Your brain needs to communicate with your body nightly to keep your body healthy.
  • Keeping your head (brain) aligned with your body during sleep requires a head support.
  • Everyone is unique in sleep habits, body structures and use different mattresses.

It took 25 years to figure out how to measure peoples “Sleep Triangle” and sizes.

After sizing, came the understanding of why a sized head support was necessary.

  • With your head supported in alignment with your body, during sleep, you stay healthy.
  • No more Common Cold or Common Flue
  • Wake refreshed, raring to go.

Now we had the information to design charts for side and back sleepers.  (See Charts)

Because Foam products did not work, we found a special Hollofill fiber that we must hand roll into specific sizes to give comfortable support.  See video on fiberfill.



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