Align Right Pillow Company

Established in 1992

Our Mission is to help people live longer and healthier lives by sleeping in alignment.

Judy and Jim

Owners, Jim and Judy Blondin

Judy worked for a chiropractor and with her knowledge of the spine designed the Align-Right Pillow to help her debilitating morning headaches.

The premise was to design a pillow that was comfortable, supportive and fitting the neck curve thereby giving the cervical (neck) vertebrae normal alignment.

Judy knew with spinal alignment vertebrae spaces opened, nerves were not compressed, pain would decrease. It took two years for her to find the special durable Hollofil filling to give the proper support, yet be comfortable.

The filling had a special benefit, it could be machine washed and dried; a big health benefit as regular pillows carry bacteria causing health problems and carry dust mites.

Together they found a way to use the hollofill.  Each pillow had to be specifically weighed and hand-rolled to exact parameters.


They started selling at small Saturday markets in 1992. They realized the pillows needed to be sized as people had different body structures and neck or shoulder widths.  Five sizes were developed to fit and support everyone in all sleep positions and on all types of mattresses.

Testimonials of help received with pain, such as migraines, headaches, arm/hand numbness, snoring and a better quality sleepBy 1995 they knew they had a good product to develop into a business and incorporated.

Packaging pillows in basement

Over time they perfected…

A Universal Sleep Support System.

Universal Sleep Support System

A 6-week study on subjects with an average of 6.5 years of neck pain.

To give the Align-Rigaht Pillow (ARPC) credibility they did a clinical study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A “Before/After Study to Determine The Effectiveness of the Align-Right Cylindrical Cervical Pillow in Reducing Chronic Neck Pain Severity”.

The college then published the results in their prestigious peer reviewed journal –JMPT Publish: Feb.1998;21:89-93.

Amazing, significant, statistical results:




93% had significant pain reduction


with 13% of these becoming symptom free


75% reduction in pain medication


The Align-Right Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow may be covered under some insurance with a medical doctor’s prescription.

Results: ARPC is an effective therapy for chronic neck pain subjects.

Conclusion: The results suggest that the ARPC has clinically important beneficial effects on neck pain severity of most chronic neck-pain suffers.

Through the following years, they marketed the pillow on the internet, home and trade shows and they did TV Shopping Channels in Toronto, England, and Germany with great success.

The pillow kept evolving. Jim found a way to size people using the space from the tip of the ear to the outside of the shoulder bone, to the side of the neck.  Jim designed a special triangle ruler. Tested it through their Chiropractor client base, then after small modifications designed an easy to read cross-reference chart. The chart had to take into account; body structures, and predominant sleep positions.