Media and Doctors are reporting on the healing effects of Sleep.
After many years of not reporting the healing benefits of sleep, (which they proved over 20 years ago),the main stream medical system is now allowing the information out.
I will attach any new finds here.

Media and Doctors on Sleep

Here I will print links or quotes from medical doctors on the value of sleep which we have promoted for over 20 years.   Drug research found the reason for sleep was to heal the body nightly. Now it is being stressed by MD’s. Read the latest here.

Sleep more to prevent colds
If you’re getting fewer than five hours of sleep a night, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting a cold. Here’s what you need to know about sleeping more to prevent colds.

Canadian Living Magazine

How your sleep position impacts your brain health

Sleeping on your side may be better for your brain. Learn how the position you sleep in could help protect your mind.

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? A new study has found a good reason for sleeping on your side. According to a team from Stony Brook University and the University of Rochester in New York, side sleeping is healthier for your brain and could help protect against neurological disease.


The secret is that this potent natural substance only works while you’re asleep.  It’s released by your brain as part of the natural healing processes that happen every night.


Can Your Sleeping Position Protect Your Brain?

Chiropractors have know for years that sleeping on your back or side is best for your health.

Now research in the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that your sleeping position doesn’t just impact how comfortable your rest is, it can also have impacts on your health. And this goes beyond just heartburn and snoring – it could help you avoid neurological diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. According to the research, sleeping on your side, as opposed to sleeping on your back or stomach, may be a better position for your brain to clear out its waste while you sleep.

The researchers used an MRI to monitor the brain’s lymphatic pathway, the system that takes out the trash from your brain. They found that this system works most efficiently when individuals sleep on their side. Brain waste can include beta-amyloid proteins, the proteins that make up the plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease, so the researchers believe sleep posture could be a factor in developing such neurological diseases. If you want to change your sleeping position, make sure you’re set up with a good side-sleeping pillow. The main purpose of a pillow is to align the cervical spine (the part in your neck) so there is no flexion (bend) or tension (muscle tightness) in the neck during sleep.

Too plump or too thin, and your pillow can’t do its job to keep your body aligned while you sleep. Your head shouldn’t be tilted up or down when you’re sleeping. While lying on your pillow ask your sleep partner or a friend to look at you lying down on your pillow to check if your spine’s in alignment.What pillow is best for you? Ask us what pillow we use and recommend.

Journal of Neuroscience