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Wherever you are, at work, home or in your car, the form fitting lumbar support roll ensures your lumbar muscles, ligaments and tendons are in their comfort zone.

The Support Roll is hand-roll and filled with high-memory polyester Hollow fibers,  Specifically engineered for loft, resiliency, durability, machine washable.

The (5-1/2” diameter by 17″ long) roll is perfect for individually fitting, supporting and maintaining the lumbar arch in the spine.

The outer case is made from Micro-Suede.  The complete roll can be machine washed and dried.    Black color only available.

Many customers recommend this product for these reasons:

–          It gives relief from back pain

–          Has more support for a longer time in sitting positions

–          It gives consistent support

–          Great for long distance drives

–          Movable in a chair

–          It is easy to carry, owing to its small size, lightness and the ability to compress into a small carry case

Our lumbar roll is made like our sleeping pillows; round with comfortable support.

Every back is different and requires support where you need it.