I love my pillow,

but I love my husband's pillow more!


Comfortable, Supportive Side Sleeping

Get the Sleep you need with a custom fitted pillow


Sleep Your Way

Modified front sideline position


Back sleeper? Side sleeper?

Get the Sleep you need with a custom fitted pillow


Back sleeper?

Get the Sleep you need with a custom fitted pillow


You Shop. You Save. We Give.


When you purchase an Align-Right Sleeping Pillow you will receive:

a FREE white pillow slip (value $8) 

PLUS, Our Comfort Travel Roll (value $20) 

High Memory polyester Hollofil fibres. Engineered for resiliency, durability, machine washable.

  • 4-hole fiber/ crimped

  • Machine Wash and Dry

  • Superior loft

  • Soft down-like feel

  • Non-allergenic

  • Re-fluffable

  • Odourless

You Shop. You Save. We Give.

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Align-Right™ Pillow Company is the only company on the eastern side of North America to use this fibre.

Each pillow filling is weighed to exact parameters and hand rolled.

Volume adjustable.

 Custom Fit  –  5 Sizes

If you sleep on your side and back,

use your predominant side to find your size.

Find your perfect fit!


Independent Clinical Study
Judy Blondin

Designed by Judy, a lady who had headaches and a congenital neck problem.  She worked for a chiropractor, gaining knowledge of the spine.  She had tried many other pillows on the market, none gave her the support and comfort she needed.  In 1992 she designed her own… The Align-Right Pillow Company was born.



Roll on Car
  • Improved comfort on the road and in the home

  • Ideal for relieving neck, back and muscle stress or strain while driving, commuting or relaxing in an easy chair

  • Convenient elastic strap to hold in place on the vehicle headrest

  • Zipper for volume adjustment to personalize

  • Compactable, Portable

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Specifically Engineered Hollofil fibre


Bonus Travel Companion – Sand Colour

The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow is a therapeutic cervical pillow and may be covered under Insurance plans.


    with original receipt

Grab your pillow here!

Praise for the Sleeping Pillow

I’ll give up packing clothes to take the Align-Right Pillow. I took it all over

Carolyn F.

The best dollar investment I have every made. I have tried many types of pillows, this bar none is the best.

Harry M.

I use this pillow and awaken more refreshed. Many of my patients have found relief of their neck discomfort upon waking.

T. Kayler, M.D., Ontario

The difference between the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow and other therapeutic pillows is all in the design and testing.