Best pillow for Insomnia

Real insomnia is rare. Depression is the leading cause of insomnia today.

Many people think if they don’t sleep all 7-8 hours they have insomnia. Lacks of a deep sleep leaves you feeling like you did not sleep. Majority of people reach deep sleep about once a week. You need it nightly for good health.

If you refuse to sleep for some reason then overtime the brain stops sending the sleep signals. We make our own insomnia. This condition can be overcome by retraining the brain to help you sleep. A proper sleep device will help with this retraining but will take time.

Real insomniacs sleep, but have a different sleep pattern or they would die at an early age.


Just a quick note to say how much I love my pillow. I bought 2 regular sizes and one small, for elevating my knees and for nights when I feel like a change. Before Align-Right I suffered from bouts of insomnia followed by a night of sleeping (12-14 hours). When I awoke I was miserable (I’m sure my husband would agree) and stiff and sore. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. NOW I feel FANTASTIC. Align–Right was great from day one! I now sleep 5-6 hours EVERY night, wake without an alarm and feel well rested and less tense. My husband also says he gets a better sleep because I don’t snore. Even my hair looks the same in the morning as it did the night before (Thank Goodness).” – S C, ON