Jim and Judy Owners


The Align-Right Pillow:  Because sleeping shouldn’t be  ….. a pain in the neck.

Sleeping shouldn’t be a pain in the neck!  I suffered many mornings with a routine of severe neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain.  My day started with pain relievers and coffee.    In 1990, I worked for a Chiropractor whose treatments helped to ease some of my pain.  He suggested I try some therapeutic pillows.  I tried many orthopaedic pillows, therapeutica sleeping pillow, healthy pillow, comfiest pillow, isotonic pillow and unique pillows.   None worked for me the way I knew they had to, giving sleeping posture for neck pain.   I needed my perfect pillow.    I built on my growing knowledge and designed the Align-Right Pillow, the best pillow for neck and back pain, an ergonomic pillow.   The design supported and fit the head and shoulders, allowing neck muscles to relax in a natural, comfortable position providing maximum pressure relief for the neck and back while sleeping.  A complete sleeper pillow,,, giving a pain-free, peaceful quality sleep.

The pillow filling was crucial to the performance, supporting the neck and shoulder while sleeping either on the side or back.  After many prototypes, using many types of fillings the Align-Right Pillow was born, a good pillow for side sleepers and a top rated pillows for neck pain.

A specifically, engineered, durable Hollofil is weighed and hand-rolled with an exact amount and method. This filling offers many properties – 4-hole fibre to trap more air for support;  soft, down-like feel;  refluffable;  durable, superior loft and support, without added weight;  slickened fibres to allow the pillow to conform to body contours; non-allergenic  … and a big bonus the filling is machine wash and dry!

It made such a difference to the way I felt in the morning that my Chiropractor started to offer them to his patients suffering from neck pain.  I designed five sizes to fit the predominant sleep position, side, back, stomach, body structure and mattress density.   Patients were so enthusiastic about the relief they found from sleeping with the best pillow for neck and back pain.  I started very small, selling them at the local farmer’s market and small trade shows. Testimonials were given freely at the market and shows I started to attend – helping with headache, migraines, computer neck strain, hand/arm numbness, snoring, back pain, shoulder pain, sleep problems, Fibromyalgia, less tossing and turning, deeper sleeps. People started buying pillows; sales grew!

In 1995 at 54 years of age my husband was ‘managed out’ of his job, pushing us into a business we knew would support us and help many.  We approached the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for an independent clinical study on pain reduction.   They tested it on Pain Reduction in January 1996 with amazing, statistically significant results!  Participants went through clinical 6-week study duration, had an average of 6.65 years of neck pain and received no treatments during the study.   Results were statistically amazing – 93% had significant Pain Reduction with 13% of these becoming Symptom Free;  a 75% Reduction in Pain Medication !!!!  The most surprising finding by the College was that, “No other pillow had ever been clinically tested for pain reduction”.

In 1998 I won the Inventor of Canada award; Canadian Press published my award coast-wide rendering a lot of publicity.    I have promoted the Align-Right Pillow in Shopping Channels in Toronto; London, England and Germany, currently selling on-line and to many health professionals.

Driving in a car either as a passenger or as the driver caused my neck muscles to tighten giving me neck pain.  That small space behind the neck needed to be filled to give relief comfortably, taking away the pressure.    I designed a small 4 inch diameter x 12 inch long travel neck pillows roll that attaches to the car headrest, filling in that little space.  The Neck Comfort Roll relieves the neck muscle tension.   It is great to use when traveling in a car, plane, train or sitting in my easy-boy chair.

We were ‘rear-ended’ on the 401 in a slow-down speed area – Immediately my head whipped forward, then backwards so quickly!  My head whipped back to hit the car headrest, I  felt it cushioned by the neck comfort travel roll before it head the headrest.  I had no lasting neck pain; I did take two pain medications for muscle aggravation.

I developed a painful lordosis (abnormal curve) in my lower back.   I designed a lumbar back roll after reviewing studies to best anatomically fit the curve between the low and mid back area.   The design when compressed fits perfectly into the back curve.  It is five inches in diameter, filled with the same supporting Hollofil filling.

I sincerely hope that you too will find a quality sleep, filled with relaxation and relief from pain.