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How to buy a sleeping pillow

By May 4, 2017Sleep

How to Buy a Sleeping Pillow.

Has anyone taught you how to buy a Sleeping Pillow?

You learned your sizes on shoes, socks, pants, skirts, shirts, tops, hats but no one taught you about Buying Sleeping Pillows.

  1. Science has proved that the body receives healing during sleep.
  2. The Chinese proved the head support was the answer to perfect sleep.
  3. We now have sizes to fit you.

Why is sizing important?

Would you wear shoes too big or shirt too small? Everything is designed in sizes to fit your body structure.   When young you wore the small sizes and as you grew you changed sizes to fit you.   As your body structure changed you increased or decreased your sizes.

For sleeping you had no choice; just what was available for you to scrunch, fold or mangle into your head support.   This is the reason for all sleep problems.  Every natural illness starts with poor sleep; even the common cold.

With understanding comes solutions; finding a way to measure peoples “Sleep Triangle”, designing a pillow that can be sized to fit you; developed charts so you can select your size Sleeping Pillow to fit your preferred sleep style.

5 Sizes Circles             

Now you can buy the size Sleeping Pillow to fit and support your way of sleeping.

Easy to use charts are on our web site; alignright.com

  1. Select your chart (Back or Side Sleeper)
  2. Cross reference your body structure to your height and you get the correct size for you.

Easy to use; tuck your size slightly into your neck and drop your ear on top of your pillow.

The head weight is centered on the ear therefore placing the ear on top of your size pillow gives maximum support to your head.

The Align-Right Pillow Company is named for what the pillows do for you.

They support your head, aligning your body with your brain where healing starts to keep your body healthy.


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