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How a pillow effects high blood pressure.

By August 8, 2017Sleep

How a pillow effects high blood pressure.

To understand I had to study many doctoral studies.
• In “Brain Basics” I found that the brain requires 20% of all blood flow and uses 50% of the oxygen in the blood; day and night.
• Another study showed blood flowing to and from the brain through the neck area.
• Chiropractic studies show the energy flowing to and from the brain through the neck.
• Massage therapist stress muscle tension in neck area can restrict blood flow.
• Studying heart blood flow indicates that a restriction of blood flow in causes the heart to pump harder as does a restriction on the outflow.
Blood Flow to Brain
In analyzing these studies all together, you see that the brain in requiring a steady blood flow would cause the heart to beat harder and faster to get the necessary blood and oxygen if a restriction occurs. How can it increase blood pressure during sleep?

Another Resource: https://www.senioradvisor.com/blog/2017/08/is-high-blood-pressure-causing-your-parents-memory-problems/.

1. If we are sleeping the blood pressure should drop; how could it increase?
2. What could cause a restriction in blood flow at night?
3. What happens when we sleep?

The only common factor is the pillows we use for sleeping.
We use pillows to support our head weight, allowing the neck muscles to relax, reducing stress and allowing the brain to get its required blood flow.

a. Are pillows designed to give us proper support or do we mold them to fit.
b. We all sleep differently, on side or back with some stomach sleeping.
c. Everyone is unique in body structures, tall, short, wide, or skinny, long, or short necks,
d. All use different beds or mattresses. (How mattresses affect sleep is another topic.)

A. Is it possible to measure everyone for a sleeping pillow?
B. What shape would the pillow have to be to give proper support?
C. How to design sizes to fit all sleep positions and body structures?

It took many years to perfect a round roll design in sizes to fit everyone and several more to invent a way to measure everyone. The round design is the only shape that can conform equally on both sides when a weight is applied.
5 Sizes Circles

A sized round pillow gives pooper support to the head while keeping the neck in alignment ensuring proper blood flow to the brain during sleep therefore not increasing blood pressure.

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