Best pillow for Headaches and Migraines


A headache can be pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck. The brain tissue itself is not sensitive to pain because it lacks pain receptors. Rather, the pain is caused by disturbance of the pain-sensitive structures around the brain. Nine areas of the head and neck have these pain-sensitive structures, which are the cranium (skull), muscles, nerves, arteries, veins. subcutaneous tissues, eyes and ears.


90% of people who go to a doctor with a complaint of a headache actually have a migraine. Tension can trigger a migraine. Triggers of migraine vary widely from person to person and from attack to attack. Common ones include certain foods, missing meals, using excessive caffeine then withdrawing between attacks. Other possible causes include dehydration, lack of sleep or oversleeping, bright lights and loud noises, weather changes, and hormonal changes. Alcohol is often a powerful trigger, and, if you are prone to headaches, you should avoid consuming alcohol as a way to prevent worse symptoms.

How the Align-Right Pillow may help:

When you sleep or rest on a custom-sized Align-Right Pillow, it feels good! The shape supports your neck curve, gently stretching and relaxing the neck muscles, it feels good! When the neck muscles stretch and relax, vertebrae go into alignment, there is space between the vertebrae, no nerves are compressed. (Compressed or ‘pinched nerves’ cut off blood supply, giving pain to pain-sensitive structures).
Tension in the neck area is often overcome by stretching the neck using a cylindrical support that is always the same custom-size for your neck curve.
Your right size Align-Right pillow gives maximum support directly under the head while supporting the neck area. Round fits your curves.

Judy meeting a exhibitor at a home show, where there is a bed for potential customers to try the Align-Right Pillow:

2015 Update from customer – Hi Judy Just letting you know we still use our pillows.  Love them.  Sue K


“The Align-Right Pillow is comfortable and helped to alleviate morning headaches. It is beneficial to a better sleep and is made of non-allergenic material.” Michael C.
“I haven’t woke with headaches since sleeping on this pillow. Thanks for my happy days now”. Paul T., Kitchener

“For years I’ve suffered from pain in my back, shoulders, neck and head. Recently I began waking two or thee times a week with headaches, for which there seemed to be no cure. I couldn’t imagine going through the rest of my life like that. I bought an Align-Right Pillow. After using it for a few days, my headaches seem to be a thing of the past, and, most wonderfully my back, neck and shoulders are improved, too. I’ll recommend your pillows to anyone suffering as much as I did. Again, many thanks!” Sheila W., Cambridge

“I have used many other things, including a neck brace. I couldn’t believe it would help so soon. I tell you the truth – NO MORE HEADACHES!” Evelyn R, Kitchener

“When someone can’t find comfort when you are sleeping or just trying to relax on your chesterfield you will do almost anything to find some comfort. I could not lie on my back in bed or read without getting a headache that would start at the back of my neck and right to the front of my head. I bought and Align-Right Pillow thinking if was worth a try for me and my wife’s comfort … it was the best investment we could have made. This pillow goes with me wherever we go. I don’t get bad headaches anymore and can relax in comfort. Well worth the investment to get comfort and relaxation “Believe Me.” Millard H., Tillsonburg

“Not yet having purchased one of your pillows, just having rested on it for a few moments, it created within me, a sense of well-being and actually curbed a headache that was in its early stage. Thank you.”

“P.S. She made a believer and a half out of me by loaning me her demo for the hotel I stayed in during my visit to Guelph. Had a wonderful sleep and finally bought both sizes of her remarkable product. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Great support for lower back while watching TV was an added bonus. Blessings! Ahhh!” Marina G., Guelph

“I have been using this pillow for 18 months and haven’t had a migraine since using it.” Cathy D.
“These pillows are great for getting rid of migraines. Also great for labour. I’ve washed it numerous times and it’s still doing a great job! Karin M.

“I believe in good pillows that you made. I feel great and slept well to prevent severe headache or neck stiffness. Keep helping people!” Betty T., London

“I received my Align-Right pillow and after getting use to it (you’re right, about a 2 week period to adjust to it). I think it’s great! I knew my headaches were caused by my neck as I would often wake up in the middle of the night with a very painful headache. Once I adjusted my pillow and head, the headache would disappear. Several mornings I would wake up with a ‘fuzzy head’ which would often develop into a headache by mid-morning. Since using the pillow, I have not experienced this – the support feels so good!” Louanne H. Penticton, B.C.