Customer Service

Jim, I just received the new case and I am very grateful to you for it. Just the fact that you went to the trouble of providing me with a replacement, and you did it at your expense, shows me that you put your clients first which is a rare commodity with many companies these days. It fits well and my neck thanks you. I will definitely always be an Align Right patron for my pillows. – Daniel

General help with Sleep

These are testimonials that just can’t be put under a specific category.

The Align-Right pillow gently supports the neck and head to give a restful sleep.

When relaxed, you go quickly through the sleep cycle restoring your body,

renewing its energy and well-being.

Judy met Sue at a trade show who after one night using the Align-Right Pillow had amazing results.

Sue and Judy did a Video on the spot.


In my opinion there has never been a better pillow on the market. As a Massage Therapist of 20 years I have personally used and recommended clients to use the Align Right Pillows. It proves to lesson neck pain, help maintain the necks natural curvature, and improve sleep. Michele S

I had used various types of pillows, expensive or cheap, I think almost every type of pillow I had tried, but my neck and the muscle around my shoulder blades didn’t stop aching. However, once I started using a pillow from your company, aching suddenly disappeared like a miracle. I’m so happy, so I’d like to thank you very very much. Hyesun L

When it comes to a good solid night of restful sleep, it just doesn’t happen without my Align-right pillow. When I go on vacation the first thing that gets packed in the suitcase is my pillow. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, just as long as I have my very special pillow. It really is the secret to night time comfort. Lisa S.

I got mine YEARS ago at the Lotus Yoga studio in London and it goes everywhere with me. I have a friend who had breast biopsy done a while back and loaned it to her – she said it was awesome. Yesterday she had a double mastectomy so the pillows are for her….
I am glad to know you are now so much closer. Helen
“This is the best pillow ever! I won’t leave home without it! Thanks Align-Right. It packs really well in my carry-on and in my suitcase. It has been to Europe, Saint Marten NA, Florida and many places in Canada.” Leyla V.R.

At a home show, Gail trying the pillow on our demo bed then giving a testimonial on its benefits:

“When you sit or lay in a position that feels relaxing, relieving of tension and it feels ‘so good’ to you that means your posture has just been adjusted in such a way that your energy can flow up and down your spine the way it is meant to. This will create a state of health and well-being. This will energize you to be able to cope better with the stresses in your life.” Gail C, Toronto (energy healer)

From the first week, my mother found the pillow works great for her. Still she has some discomfort in the neck, but at least sleeps much better with this pillow. Thanks for your great invention ! Sheryl

“As we mature, things change and sleep patterns may be one of them, I know it has been for me. Endless sleepless nights, tossing and turning, leading to weight gain, not as effective in all aspects of life and weaker immune system are just a few of the side effects. Speaking with different medical and sports related professionals; they all mentioned buying a new pillow would help the problems somewhat. After trying about eight different pillows, I tried an Align-Right Pillow and have received a few more valuable hours sleep a night.” Dianne K, Kitchener

“I’m like a child with a stuffed animal; my pillow goes wherever I go.” Shirley D, Kitchener

“I would not give up my pillow for anything. Thank you.” Eva

“My husbands and I purchased 2 pillows in 1997 when we lived in Waterloo; they were the best pillows we ever had. We took a one-month vacation with them one year and swore we would never leave home without them again. Since then, they have travelled the world with us, on business and for pleasure. They were the first things we packed in our knap-sack when we took of for 9 months in Asia – we slept like babies on what otherwise would have been sometimes dreadful conditions (rock hard mattress, lumpy mattress, dirty pillows, etc) and they were the icing on the cake in the most luxurious accommodations. We love our pillows. Now it’s time to get some new pillows and what a relief that they are still being sold.” T-C D’A, Ottawa

“Thanks for the Align-Right Pillow, back to sleeping like a baby.” Mona Lisa W, Waterloo

“Quality fabric, superb design .. A terrific idea I can sleep on.” Tino Monte, Producer

“The best dollar investment I have ever made. I have tried many types of pillows, this bar-none is the best. Harry M.

“I bought the Align-Right pillow 2 years ago for my husband; he will not go without it even for one night. He took his pillow with him on our trip to Europe last summer.” G.V.

“I’ll give up packing clothes to take the Align-Right Pillow. I took it all over Britain!” Carolyn F.

“It has been a total pleasure dealing with your company. I certainly wish you the very best and much success. Thanks again for a restful and rejuvenating sleep!” Gudrun O’F., Niagara Falls

“For 5 years I have had my pillow. It travelled with me around the world. I will not sleep on anything else but my Align-Right pillow.”

Erike M,, Maple, ON

“I’m delight with your product in every way! Regular pillows are out for me. Align-Right is the remedy for aches, pains and a good night’s sleep – your pillow is simply a treat! Sweet Dreams.” Moira & Horst K., Waterloo

“Hello, Thank God, I don’t have to hide my pillow from my wife. Now we are both sleeping like babies. I can now say my wife is no longer a pain in the neck.” Wolf U., Waterloo

“Since I have been using the Align-Right sleeping pillow I am able to rest more comfortably. I also feel that my spine is more in-line. If I happen to sleep on a different pillow, I feel inadequately supported and often wake with a stiff neck. I recommend the Align-Right Pillow to everyone.” Cheryl P.

“I have been using the Align-Right pillow for approx. 5 weeks now. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have been having a very sound sleep since I adjusted to using it.” September G.

Always the right height, never hard, always fluffy. Just put your head down and sleep. Holds the neck just right for reading in bed.”

Ken T.

“I have found this style of pillow (Align-Right), very exceptional. Having a flat-style traditional pillow does not compliment the body’s natural neck curvature. Since using this pillow for the past four months, my nasal passages clear very quickly after laying down and my upper neck and back muscles are less sore. I love these pillows!” Allen K.