Frequently Asked Questions – Align-Right Sleeping Pillow

What is it filled with?

The Align-Right Pillow Company fills their pillows with DuPont Hollfil IV, a specifically engineered filling.  Each fiber is slicked, crimped and has 4-holes.  The 4-hole fiber construction traps and holds more air for greater support.  Special slicking of the fibers allows the fibers to slide past each other for improved softness and durability; allowing for greater sleeping comfort.  Each fiber is specially cut in equal lengths and crimped to provide resiliency to meet DuPont’s Hollofil IV specific stands.

Hollofil IV has a superior loft, is soft, with a down-like feel, moisture resistant, compactable, easy to stuff and will dry three times faster than down; plus it is non-allergenic and machine wash and dry.

What is my size?

A-R developed a ruler to measure the head support required by each person to get a comfortable sleep.  A-R called this space the Sleep Triangle.  After testing for 2 years it was incorporated into a size chart, cross-referenced to your predominant sleep position.

Does one size Align-Right Pillow fit everyone?

No.  There are five sizes, designed to accommodate different body structures.  Each size is found on an easy to read cross-reference chart based on your preferred sleep position and body structure.   As a general rule for any abnormal cervical curve (diagnosed by a professional health provider), it is recommended to go down a size.

Align Right Pillow Sizing Chart

I cannot sleep on roll, it looks too big for my neck area?

The A-R Pillow fits and supports the natural neck curve, feeling like a ‘whole’ pillow.  

The round/curve shape supports the head and the forward curve of the neck for back sleeping. the neck and head for side posture sleeping and allows for a modified side/stomach sleeping.  The correct size fits and supports the neck/head area.  The correct size based on the sleep triangle to the fit of the cylindrical roll.

How do I sleep with the Align-Right Pillow in my preferred sleeping position?

Back Sleeping:

Lay the pillow on the top of your shoulders, filling and supporting the natural neck curve.  This will give the neck a gentle stretch to relax the neck muscles.

Side Sleeping:

“Angle, Tuck Drop” – Lay your head/ear on top of the pillow, tucking the pillow into your neck, down at an angle toward your chest.  The slight angle of the pillow keeps your neck in alignment and supports your shoulder. 

Stomach Sleeping/Front Side:

While stomach lying is not recommended,  the pillow is quite adaptable for those who cannot seem to sleep in any other position. Stomach sleepers can greatly reduce the stresses on both their cervical and lumbar spines by drawing up one of their legs which produces a side–front position. The pillow is much less bulky than a traditional pillow; therefore can then be hugged and positioned to stabilize the partial side-lying stomach position.   The head rests in a much less rotated position than would be necessary for a purely prone (flat on stomach) position.

The A-R Pillow feels too firm?

Extra air is trapped between the fibres when it is hand-rolled.   This is normal.  You can knead the pillow about one minute to reduce the extra air.  After sleeping on it for several nights and you still feel it is too firm, the filling can be volume adjusted.  

The A-R Pillow feels too soft?

If you feel your head is not receiving enough support you may need a larger size, or you may need to add a piece of filling.    Call the company for a 1 once piece of filling.

The Align-Right Pillow looks like it will roll away?

When the weight of the head is added, the pillow does not move; it actually feels like a ‘whole’ pillow.  It fits naturally into your neck curve in any sleeping position.  No more ‘scrunching/rolling/punching; your regular sized pillow to find the perfect support!

Why is the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow a cylindrical design?

All our body parts are made of curves.  The round/curve shape supports the forward curve of the neck for back sleeping. the neck and head for side posture sleeping and allows for a modified side/stomach sleeping.  The correct size fits and supports your sleep triangle.

Why is there a zipper in the Align-Right Pillow Case?

The zipper has several uses:

A. This unique feature allows us to make the pillow with a rolled fiberfill.  

B. The zipper allows the pillow filling to be Re-fluffed/sanitized and to extend the life of the pillow.   

C. The filling can be taken out, after several months of use, to wash and freshen up the zipper case without washing the filling.

How do I Re-Fluff my Pillow? Do I need to Re-Fluff?

You extend the life of your pillow and the support by re-fluffing it once a month.  Open the zipper, expose the filling (DO NOT REMOVE THE FILLING).  Put the case and exposed filling in the dryer at High Heat for 20 minutes.  The heat opens the channels of air in the individual fibers of the Hollofil IV, keeping the fibers at their optimum support.

Can I wash and dry the whole pillow?

Each pillow comes with a maintenance Card.

Yes, the complete pillow may be machine washed and dried.  Wash with the zipper closed.

  • Wash with the zipper closed (the filling is in the case).  Hand or machine wash in warm water.
  • Stand or hang the pillow to let excess water drain from the fiber, about 2 hours.
  • 0pen the zipper to finish drying the pillow on low heat for about 40 minutes.  Turn the heat to high and finish drying for 10 minutes.  The high heat kills dust mites and re-fluffs your pillow.

How do I dry the Align-Right Pillow without a dryer?

  • With the zipper CLOSED scrunch the pillow end to end, kneading it for one minute.
  • Open the zipper, lifting high on the table to prevent the filling from catching in the zipper teeth.
  • Place the exposed filling in the sunlight for a minimum of 3 hours.

Is this the only pillow I use to sleep on?

Yes, the A-R pillow should be the only pillow you sleep on.  It is designed to fit and support the head and shoulders keeping your head/neck aligned with any sleeping position.   

No, due to a medical condition such as asthma or a hiatus hernia, elevation is required.  Place the A-R Pillow on top of a rectangle pillow giving the required elevation but still supporting the head and shoulders.  The rectangle pillow is used as a wedge, starting the wedge from below your shoulders.

Why is the Align-Right Pillow 17.5 inches long?

This is the approximate width of a person’s shoulders.

What is the life expectancy of the Align-Right Pillow?

Life expectancy of the A-R Pillow is 2 to 4 years, depending on the maintenance of re-fluffing.  Some people get many more years because of careful maintenance. 

It is to be noted that Health Professionals recommend changing your pillow every 2 years.

Why is the Align-Right Pillow better than moulded foam, other synthetic fillings or down/feather pillows:

The A-R Pillow is designed and tested to fit and support the natural neck curve.  It is hand-filled, electronically weighted with a patented unique polyester filling.  

This filling has many unique properties:

  • 4-hole fibers trap more air for support
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Slickened fibers allow the pillow to conform to body contours
  • Superior loft and support, without added weight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Long life by fluffing the fibers
  • Designed to replace down feathers
  • Durable long lasting
  • Odorless and non-allergenic
  • When washed will not retain water
  • Machine washable and dryable

Is there a guarantee?

With the original purchase receipt (shipping excluded).

–  60-day return or exchange

– 2 years zippered case

Will I adjust to the pillow on the first night?

Yes and No.  Neck muscles may require 2 to 12 days to adjust to the change in support.

If you are already using a therapeutic pillow, your neck muscles may adjust to the change in support on the first night.  

If this is the first time sleeping on a therapeutic pillow your neck muscles may be ‘tight’ and need to ‘learn’ to relax.  It can take 2 to 12 days to adjust to this change in support.

Can the cost of the Align-Right Pillow be covered under insurance plans?

The Align-Right Pillow is a proven clinically tested pillow qualifying it to be listed as a therapeutic pillow.   Insurance companies with a comprehensive plan could cover the cost with a Health Professional recommendation.