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FAKE NEWS about our Sleeping Pillow.

By March 4, 2017Sleep

Just Received this FAKE NEWS about our Sleeping Pillow.

“I am a medical doctor and I believe your claims are false.  My training tells me that your claims that sleep heals the body cannot be true.   My drug training never ever mentioned sleep having any effect on healing.  Therefore, I think your claims are false. “

Yes, the medical system has never mentioned sleep as a healing avenue.   Yet their paid for studies on sleep has proved the opposite of the wanted results.   They wanted to be able to show that sleep is not necessary and they could make a drug to keep you awake.

When the researchers autopsy of each animal that died after keeping them awake for months; found “they all died from multiple organ failures”.    The results suggested that sleep must have a healing effect on their bodies; but how and when during sleep would this happen?

That is where the size and shape of a pillow came into focus.  Ancient studies proved the head support was the answer to perfect sleep.   A hard head support worked on hard surfaces but in modern society we all sleep on softer surfaces; therefore, getting the perfect sleep became a nightly challenge.  Bad health became a norm.   The countries using the hard head support have more common people living over 100 years than any other country.  Many have never been sick.

Yes; I believe you were never given this information because it offsets the notion that a drug is the answer to all healing.  They are wrong.

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  • Dennese Rempel says:

    This Doctor (?) obviously has never had a good nights sleep nor felt energized the next morning, after having said ‘good nights sleep’.
    I would question this ‘Dotor’s’ credentials as he (she) not only does not use proper English ( their – they’re), he (she) focuses mainly on drugs as the answer to all maladies.
    I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing one of these ‘Doctor’s’ and the perscription pad was the first thing he used BEFORE he even looked at me.
    No, this Doctor is the fake…and dangerous!!

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