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Chiropractic and Alignment

By June 21, 2017Sleep

Chiropractic and Alignment:

The Chiropractic philosophy links body alignment to body healing.

Stressing body alignment allowing the body to heal itself is a correct method to natural healing.  Many studies show this to be a fact but how and when could the body heal itself?

To answer this question, I had to study outside the chiropractic field.  Since I was studying sleep I came upon the answer.  History proved that the head support was the answer to sleep; Emperor’s Pillow.

This hard head support worked on hard surfaces but now we use mattresses.  A soft but supportive pillow is the answer to modern sleep.

How and when the body heals was found by a researcher by keeping large animals awake until they died; then autopsied them. During the autopsy, he found they all died from multiple organ failures.  This study indicates that the body receives healing during sleep.

Brain studies showed the brain checks and sends help to all body organs while sleeping through electrical connection through the neck.

Since the brain is connected through the neck area, the neck must be kept in alignment with the body long enough for the brain to check if an organ needs help and time to send help.

If the brain loses connection to the body, it would be like a hose that is kinked shutting off the flow.   Removing the kink restores the flow; chiropractic adjustment.

Restricting Blood Flow

Chiropractic is the natural way to heal and to complete the philosophy they require a pillow that aligns the body during sleep.

The Align-Right Pillows are designed to keep the head and neck in alignment.  Over 20 years they designed 5 sizes of pillows to fit and support all body structures, in all sleep positions and on all mattresses.

 5 Sizes Circles

They found a way to measure the “Sleep Triangle” that needs to be filled correctly each night and have put that information into easy to read charts for side and back sleepers.



Chiropractic keeps the whole body in alignment and the right size sleeping pillow keeps the neck in alignment during sleep.  Working together they are the true natural healers.


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