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Pillow Talk

No Dust Mites

Keep your Align-Right Pillow allergy free – eliminate mites.

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Keep your Align-Right Pillow allergy free – eliminate mites
1. Totally wash the pillow 2. Dry in hot dryer 20 minutes. …. a hot dryer is 130 deg.Fahrenheit (54 deg. Celsius), will eliminate dust mites. 
Freeze A-R Pillow. A method for those who have two A-R pillows.
1. Place in a large plastic bag. Remove oxygen, making it as small as possible. 
2. Place in the freezer 48 hours. 
This is a good method to remove dust mites from un-washables – stuffed animals, throw and down pillows.

see our care instructions at www.alignright.com

Hollofil fibres

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High Memory polyester Hollofil fibres, specifically engineered for Align-Right Pillow Company Ltd. Resilient, durable, and machine wash and dry.

Hollow Fibers

4-hole fiber             crimped

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Specifically Engineered Hollofil Fibre

Machine Wash & Dry

Superior Loft

Soft down-like feel