Neck Curve Support with Align-Right Pillow

Comparison Xrays Align-Right Pillow vs Regular bed Pillow

Left xrays show the cylinder (round) Align-Right Pillow fits and supports the natural neck curve;  aligning the vertebrae.  When in alignment there is space between the vertebrae, creating no nerve compression to cause pain.

Right xray shows a regular bed pillow can take the neck curve out of alignment, vertebrae spaces may close, causing nerve compression pain.

Custom Fit Sizes

Five (5) sizes to custom fit body structure and dominant sleeping position.

Independent Clinical Study

In 1998 an independent clinical study was done at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic Clinic, in Toronto “Before/after study to determine the effectiveness of the Align-Right Cylindrical Pillow in reducing chronic neck pain”.  It revealed 93% of the participants using the Align-Right Pillow had significant pain reduction, 13% of these participants became symptom-free, 75% of participants reduced their use of pain medication.


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