Were you taught to sleep or how to use a pillow?

Were you taught to sleep or how to use a pillow?

Likely not; as most people do not understand the importance of sleep or the value of a pillow.  Your pillow is most important to your sleep. 

Science has proved that without sleep our body organs shutdown and we die.  Yes, sleep is that serious.  Without sleep we die!   Just a fact.  

During sleep our body receives healing from our brain.  This took many years, researching all worldwide studies including ancient Chinese information of the first perfect sleep ever recorded.  The Emperors head support proved the head support was the answer to getting a perfect sleep. 

Today we do not sleep on a hard surface like in China centuries ago; we all use a mattress.  All mattresses are soft for body comfort, but we all require a pillow for head support.  Since we started using mattresses, we developed sleep problems.  None of the bed pillows gave us the head support we required unless we folded, molded, or scrunched the bed pillow into our required head support. 

Since we have been doing this for hundreds of years it is hard to change or accept a new shaped sized pillow is the answer to getting a great deep sleep.  This came by solving one person’s sleep problem and others wanting a pillow to solve their specific sleep problem.

Then research became serious. 

People came in all sizes and shapes, all sleep on different mattresses, some back or stomach sleepers but most were side sleepers and there was no research on pillows or how to measure everyone for a sleeping pillow.

Developing sizes was the easy part but how do you measure people?   More research found the “Sleep Triangle” that required filling with soft comfortable support each night.  After finding this triangle we developed charts for side and back sleepers. 

Now the easy to read charts allowed a person to select their personal size sleeping pillow.

You can see the charts at www.alignright.com

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